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Photonics Showcase: January 2016

16-Position Filter Wheel
ASI’s FW-1000 16-position filter wheel utilizes a closed-loop DC servomotor to provide high speed (less than 40 milliseconds between adjacent positions) and low vibration operation (less than 3...
Applied Scientific Instrumentation, Inc.
Silicon Photomultiplier Modules
Modules make it easy to operate the SiPM off a low-voltage power supply. They contain all the components needed to operate the detector, including a temperature compensation circuit for stable...
Hamamatsu Corporation
Fiber Optic Image Bundles
Superior image bundles for small diameter endoscopes are now available from SCHOTT, the leading international supplier of image bundles. Our bundles include the following features: • Higher...
SCHOTT North America, Inc., Lighting & Imaging
Tube Coatings
NTFL has the expertise to coat complex shapes and we are able to coat the outside diameter of tubes with good uniformity. We can coat tubes with outside diameters ranging from 1 mm to 20 cm, and...
Newport Thin Film Laboratory, Inc.
High Performance Temperature Controllers
Wavelength offers a complete line of temperature control solutions with demos at Photonics West Booth 4625. Linear or PWM controllers are available with output currents up to 10A and typical...
Wavelength Electronics, Inc.
IR E-Store
The ISP Optics IR E-Store has more than 750 infrared optical elements, including a full line of IR windows, lenses, polarizing beamsplitters, filters, diffusers, IR fiber coupling lenses, DLC...
ISP Optics Corporation
Aerotech’s unique long-travel nano-positioners for applications requiring nanometer and sub-arc-second accuracies are suitable for both laboratory and industrial applications. Products include...
Aerotech, Inc.
New Adaptive Optics Loop
With its Monomorph deformable mirrors, CILAS provides a full adaptive optics loop for high power lasers and astronomy applications. Moreover, CILAS achieves developments concerning larger apertures...
New Fast High Power Sensor up to 15 kW
PowerMax-Pro HP: The next generation in sensor technology delivers rise times of <10 µs with power up to 15 kW. This produces dramatic improvements in throughput and cycle time in systems...
Coherent Inc.
Flat Top Narrowband Filters
Alluxa’s Ultra Series Flat Top Narrowband Filters offer the narrowest bandwidths and squarest filter profiles in the visible and NIR, with FWHMs of 0.25 nm to 2 nm, transmission levels >90%...
Custom sCMOS & CCD Cameras
Critical Link offers customizable sCMOS & CCD cameras for industrial, medical, scientific, defense and surveillance applications. Our newest models incorporate sensors from Hamamatsu, CMOSIS and...
Critical Link, LLC
HXP50-HA Hexapod
Do you want to go beyond adjustment or alignment tasks with your Hexapods? The accuracy capability of Newport’s High Accuracy (HA) Hexapod family opens up new possibilities for positioning...
Newport Corporation
PIXCI®EB1mini Camera Link Frame Grabber
The PIXCI® EB1mini series of camera link frame grabbers use Mini Card slots in small embedded computers. Flexible cables that mount a camera link connector to the side of the enclosure are used...
EPIX, Inc.
Measure Laser Power without Water Cooling
Ophir Photonics, global leader in precision laser measurement equipment and a Newport Corporation company, introduces thermal laser sensors designed for measuring high pulse energies without the need...
Ophir - Spiricon LLC, Photonics
Bullseye® Apodizing Filters
Bullseye® Apodizing filters radially modify beam distribution in optical systems. Standard Gaussian or customized filters inserted in line with a light source reduce undesirable intensity...
Reynard Corporation
Small Fiber Collimators
Very small Fiber Collimators from Blues to NIR wavelengths are now available for the shrinking requirements of many biomedical and sensing applications. These collimators have a 2.4 mm outer diameter...
Micro Laser Systems, Inc.
NUV-VIS Zoom Lens System
The NUV-VIS Motorized Zoom System operates within a spectral range of 330 nm to 700 nm and offers a 6.2:1 zoom ratio. It is an ideal digital imaging solution for high magnification microscopy and OEM...
Navitar, Inc.
CODE V Optical Design Software
CODE V® version 10.8 software supports the design of high-performance asymmetric and freeform optical systems with algorithmic enhancements that yield highly accurate computations of optical...
Synopsys, Inc., Optical Solutions Group
Midori™ Fiber Optic LED Light Source
The Midori™ ULB-35i LED light source combines state-of-the-art, solid-state illumination technology with USHIO’s distinctive optical design to create a compact and lightweight fiber optic...
USHIO America, Inc.
Custom Polymer Optics
When you’re looking for precision polymer optics to reduce cost, trim weight, simplify design and improve performance, come to Diverse Optics. For 25 years, we’ve been manufacturing the...
Diverse Optics Inc.
12-in. (300 mm) Fizeau Interferometer
Ideal for measuring large optical flats, windows and wafers along with prismatic testing, the DOI-300F incorporates the latest in phase-shifting, camera, laser and software technologies. With a...
Davidson Optronics, Inc.
Space-Qualified Laser Diodes
Photodigm’s DBR fiber coupled and free space laser diodes are now flying in international payloads on both low orbit and deep space missions. The efficiency of Photodigm’s LDs allows...
Photodigm Inc.
NovaLum 1200: RGB Visible Lasers
The NovaLum 1200 RGB offers 1200 lumen brightness levels at D65 and combines red, green and blue lasers into a 400 µm fiber-coupling. Each laser can be individually modulated and mixed to...
LS-Series Linear Stages
ASI’s LS-Series of Linear Stages can be used in many applications that require precision motion control and micropositioning. The LS-Series Stages provide sub-micron accuracy, deriving their...
Applied Scientific Instrumentation, Inc.
Everstill Active Vibration Cancellation
The new Everstill™ K-400 compact, bench-top platform isolates ultra-precision instruments from building floor vibration, enabling higher resolution and more precise measurements. Designed for...
Precision Optics for Industry
Westech designs, manufactures and distributes precision optics for a variety of industrial, medical and military applications. From single elements to complex lens assemblies, Westech produces...
Westech Optical Corp.
The QXGA-3DM is a fast switching, all digital, high performance reflective SLM solution featuring Forth Dimension Displays’ industry proven Time Domain Imaging™. Designed for the...
Forth Dimension Displays Ltd.
Phase-Locked Loop Optical Chopper
The C-995 Phase-Locked Loop Optical Chopper provides crystal controlled chopping rates of 4 Hz to 5 KHz using only one blade. The use of direct digital synthesis permits the rate to be set to a...
Terahertz Technologies, Inc.
Single Point Diamond Turning
G-S Plastic Optics specializes in single point diamond turning for projects that require quick delivery. Diamond turned prototypes allow you to validate your optical design by rapidly creating a...
Q-Max Compact Precision Stage
The Q-Max series is suitable for high-precision, high-stability positioning. Applications are optical metrology, micromachining, laser focusing, semiconductor manufacturing and more. For position...
Nutec Components Inc.
USB Shutter
The Picard Industries USB-Shutter offers a compact and simple method of automating the blocking of a beam path. The pivoting-paddle shutter is powered and controlled through a USB port. This provides...
Picard Industries
Miniature Digital Galvo Scanner Motor
As an optoelectronic technology leader, Canon successfully packaged an optical digital position sensor into a 9.5-mm diameter motor. This new addition (GM1005, far right) to the current GM series...
Canon U.S.A., Inc., Industrial Products Div.
PC-Controlled Variable Coupler
The Model 905(P)-M is a variable-ratio fiber coupler; the ratio can be remotely controlled with a PC through a USB port. Available in SM, non-PM and PM versions, it operates over wavelengths from 590...
Evanescent Optics Inc.
Sapphire Wave Plates
Meller Optics sapphire wave plates for Er:YAG and holmium lasers extend polarization into the infrared and provide superior damage resis­tance to quartz and mica. They are available from 0.3 to 4.7...
Meller Optics, Inc.
FRED Optimum Optical Engineering Software
FRED Optimum Optical Engineering Software is capable of simulating the propagation of light through any opto-mechanical system by ray tracing. Whether the design is imported from CAD, a lens design...
Photon Engineering LLC
Combo Laser/TEC Controller
The Arroyo Instruments 6300 series ComboSource is a combination laser driver and temperature controller in a single compact enclosure. Based on proven technology, the 6300 combines a 60-W temperature...
Arroyo Instruments, LLC

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