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BioPhotonics: January 2014

Challenges to CARS Microscopy: Light at the End of the Tunnel
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy historically has struggled to break into a marketplace already crowded with popular imaging techniques such as fluorescence microscopy and with new superresolution techniques such as STORM (stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy) and STED (stimulated emission depletion microscopy). Although fluorescence microscopy may still be the...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,
OCT Technologies, Applications Showing Great Promise
A panel of industry experts weighs in on recent and future advances in optical coherence tomography, and offers a look at the market. OCT is growing. As we reported in the July issue, the...
Laura Marshall, Managing Editor,
Magnification Fluoroscopy Technique Drives Advances in Clinical Studies
Thin-film CsI:Tl coatings offer real-time high-resolution video, enabling discoveries in medical research trials. Advances in x-ray imaging techniques are bringing benefits to in vivo imaging...
James Tomlinson, Applied Scintillation Technologies Ltd.
Molecular Spectroscopy Illuminates Life-Governing Systems
Simple, fast and particularly cheap – is it any wonder that molecular spectroscopy is quickly becoming one of the most common tools in the laboratory? Molecular spectroscopy is photonics...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,
Looking Down the Endoscope
Confocal microscopy techniques advance the monitoring of Barrett’s esophagus and other applications. Barrett’s esophagus – a condition in which the cells lining the esophagus...
Gary Boas, News Editor,

Healing Light Reaching Its Potential
Light-based technologies, including those used in medical research, health care and across the life sciences, will be the center of attention in 2015 following the proclama tion late last month of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies by the UN General Assembly. The announcement underscores the need to raise awareness of all light-based technologies and their potential to...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

New microscopes reveal cells with unprecedented clarity
Two new microscopes, both the first of their kind, could help biologists observe how the brain develops and viruses attack, say researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The first captures small, fast-moving organisms at an unprecedented rate and double the spatial resolution of a conventional microscope; the second displays large-cell samples in 3-D while decreasing the amount of...
Photoacoustic spectroscopy takes sting out of glucose testing
A noninvasive method involving mid-IR photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) could make life easier for the more than 347 million people worldwide who live with diabetes. One key to healthful living...
Light triggers death switch in cancer cells
Light pulses can stimulate a new designer peptide to initiate death pathways in cancer cells. The peptide, linked to a light-responsive dye, remains inactive until exposed to the external light...
THz Lens a New Tool for Biology
A new terahertz lens made of plastic and metal has 10 times the resolution of any current metamaterial lens, making it a powerful tool for biological imaging, its creators say. The lens was...
Can Lasers Cure Alzheimer’s Disease?
The malfunctioning protein structures that cause diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can be found using just laser light, a team in Sweden and Poland has discovered. ...
Replacing Mammography with Light and Ultrasound
A new device called a photoacoustic mammoscope combines infrared light and ultrasound to create 3-D maps of the breast. Its creators hope that it could someday replace the x-rays used in traditional...
Light-Activated Implants Signal Specific Deep Tissue
A number of novel therapies under development rely on inducing specific cells to do specific things, but getting the right message to the right group of cells — and at the right time —...
Raman Scattering Sped Up for Microscopy
Improvements to Raman spectroscopy using laser frequency combs allow multiple signals from different parts of a molecule — or even different molecules — to be monitored simultaneously...
207-nm UV Light May Reduce Surgical Infections
A narrow spectrum of ultraviolet light can destroy drug-resistant bacteria but is safe for human exposure, a new study says, and may be a way to reduce the serious and stubborn problem of surgical...

Photonics innovators named 2014 Prism Awards finalists
Smartphone technology for point-of-care, telemedicine and public health monitoring; a digital instrument that maps skin vasculature; and a system that enables imaging and characterization of nanomaterials at the flip of a switch are among the finalists for the 2014 Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation, an annual competition recognizing new products and inventions that break with conventional...
3 Questions with Dr. Marcos Dantus, Biophotonic Solutions Inc.
Dr. Marcos Dantus is the founder and chief technology officer of Biophotonic Solutions Inc. (BSI), which seeks to make ultrafast laser technology more practical for scientific, medical, industrial...
Laura Marshall, Managing Editor,
Medical imaging equipment market to hit $35.4B in 2019
The global medical imaging equipment market was valued at $24.4 billion in 2012 and will reach a market value of $35.4 billion by 2019, according to Medical Imaging Equipment Market - Global Industry...
Universities join forces for photonics research center
Aston University in Birmingham, England, and Novosibirsk State University (NSU) in Russia are partnering to establish a joint research center, the Aston-NSU International Centre for Photonics in...
Bioaxial secures €1.9 million to commercialize microscopy instruments
Paris-based Bioaxial, developers of superresolved fluorescence microscopy for the extended imaging of live cells, has announced the completion of a €1.9 million (about $2.6 million) equity...
Olympus, Smithsonian team up for ‘Q?rius’ exhibition
Olympus, a provider of imaging solutions for health care, life and materials science and consumer electronics products, is partnering with the Smithsonian museum and research complex to create...
Ocean Optics Unveils New Science Curriculum
Ocean Optics has launched a new version of its Spectroscopy 101 curriculum for high school and college teaching laboratories, the company said recently. Spectroscopy 101, written for use with...

Small World winners highlight the art of photomicrography
What do a diatom, a turtle retina, a marine worm, a paramecium, a neuron and a chameleon embryo all have in common? Well, they all look pretty under a microscope – and they’re the subjects of the top six winners in the 2013 Nikon Small World Photo-micrography Competition. First prize went to longtime competitor Wim van Egmond of the Netherlands for his image Chaetoceros debilis...

Sinus Surgery Platform
The Diego Elite Multidebrider platform for applications including sinus surgery, polypectomy, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and inferior turbinate reduction is offered by Olympus. Features include a toggle stop to open and close the blade window, dedicated suction and a bulb for de-clogging during the procedure. Various ergonomic handpieces are available, and a blade identification feature ensures...
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas, Industrial Microscopes
Leica Microsystems has released the TCS SP8 STED 3X superresolution stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy platform for life sciences research applications. The system achieves...
Leica Microsystems GmbH
IK-HD3H Remote-Head Video Camera
The IK-HD3H from Toshiba Imaging is the first in a series of two ultrasmall, three-chip CMOS remote-head, high-definition video cameras for applications including surgical microscopy, endoscopy,...
Toshiba Imaging Systems
SteriMax Smart IR Laboratory Sterilizer
WLD-TEC has released the SteriMax Smart IR loop sterilizer for laboratories, anaerobic environments and safety cabinets. The device uses focused IR light to generate a hot spot for sterilizing...
LA Series Planar Diffraction Gratings
The LA series planar diffraction gratings by Shimadzu Corp. are designed for laser systems and are suitable for analytical instruments for research in the life sciences, chemistry and environmental...
Shimadzu Corp.
FS5 Fluorescence Spectrometer
Edinburgh Instruments has launched the FS5, a steady-state fluorescence spectrometer with single-photon sensitivity for research and analytical applications. Available versions include the...
Edinburgh Instruments Ltd., Photonics
OBIS Galaxy Fiber Optic Beam Combiner
The OBIS Galaxy fiber optic beam combiner from Coherent Inc. combines the outputs of up to eight separate lasers into a single-mode fiber for bioinstrumentation applications including flow cytometry...
Coherent Inc.
Commander UV Raman Triple Spectrometer
McPherson’s Commander triple spectrometer now operates over a wider wavelength range. Featuring multiple ports for experiments such as UV Raman and photoluminescence, it is suitable for...
Silicon Photomultipliers
Excelitas Technologies has added two new models to its line of silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) for low-light level detection. The C30742-11-050 and C30742-66-050 are suitable for positron emission...
Excelitas Technologies Corp.
508 Perfect Vision Spectrophotometer
The new 508 Perfect Vision by Craic Technologies, offered by Elliot Scientific, adds UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometry and imaging to legacy microscopes for numerous nondestructive laboratory and...
Elliot Scientific Ltd.
157 Series Optical Thickness Gauge
Bristol Instruments has introduced the 157 Series optical thickness gauge for manufacturers whose development and production processes require precise thickness information about materials such as...
Bristol Instruments, Inc.
Broadband Light Sources
Thorlabs has extended its broadband sources into the IR spectral range with the addition of the SLS201 and SLS202, two fiber-coupled tungsten light sources for chemical, medical and biological...
Thorlabs Inc.
ROS-Glo H2O2 Assay
Promega Corp. has launched the ROS-Glo H2O2, a nonhorseradish peroxidase (HRP)-dependent, plate-based bioluminescent assay designed to detect reactive oxygen species (ROS). It measures the...
Promega Corp.
MPS-SV Vertical Translation Stages
The MPS-SV series vertical translation stages from Aerotech Inc. offer 0.05-µm minimum incremental motion and are engineered for applications ranging from laboratory research to production...
Aerotech, Inc.
Bi-O-Vision Transilluminators
The Spectroline Bi-O-Vision series transilluminators from Spectronics Corp. produce both 312-nm UV and white light to view fluorescent gels or visible blots for life science applications. The...
Spectronics Corp.

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