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EuroPhotonics: December 2015

Continuing Education for the Future of Photonics
Eastern Europe, like many other regions, is putting great thought and effort into producing the next generation of photonics and optics researchers and engineers. Countries including Romania are...
Cladding With High-Power Diode Lasers
Cladding is an additive manufacturing process used in a variety of industries for improving the surface properties of a part, or to resurface a component that has become worn through use. There are a...
LEDs in Biology Research: From Microscopy to Optogenetics
Microscopy has long held a crucial place in bioscience research, dating back to the first observations of living cells. Techniques that include the use of LEDs have been developed — and...
Top Solar Stories of 2015 from
Invisible Cloaking, Singlet Fission Set Solar on Fire in 2015 For decades researchers have been enchanted by the vast potential of photovoltaic (PV) technology as an alternative to fossil...

Remembering Teddi Laurin, a Photonics Industry Champion
As I began to write this editorial, I was reflecting on 2015 and the technological advancement and innovation we’ve seen industrywide. However, my thoughts quickly turned to our founder, Teddi Laurin, as we said goodbye to her on Nov. 5. She is widely credited with establishing the term “photonics” into popular and global use during her expansive career that began in the...

Mining rare earth elements from recycled LEDs
A method to mechanically separate LEDs could expedite processes to recycle them. The technique was developed by researchers in Germany at the Fraunhofer Project Group for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKS, which is under the mantle of the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC, based in Würzburg. “Right now recyclers are starting to receive LED products,...

German Partnership to Modify Laser Welding for Shipbuilding
The nonprofit research institute Lazer Zentrum Hannover eV (LZH) will work with industry partners and scientists to solve the challenges of joining steel and aluminum in maritime construction. To that end, the Laser Welding of Steel to Aluminum for Applications in Shipbuilding (LaSAAS) project aims to develop, test, apply and verify a laser processing head and welding process. Currently in...
ASE Optics Europe to Design Metrology System for Nuclear Fusion Experiment
ASE Optics Europe has secured a subcontract for the design upgrade of metrology equipment to be used in an international nuclear fusion project. The International Thermonuclear Experimental...
Imaging Researchers Jacopo Bertolotti, Daniele Faccio Awarded Leverhulme Prizes
Two U.K. professors have been awarded £100,000 (about $153,000) Philip Leverhulme Prizes in recognition of their work with light-based imaging. Dr. Jacopo Bertolotti of the University of...
Attosecond Observations Probe Chemical Reactions
Laser pulses have been used to track the movements of electrons in molecules with a time resolution of 100 attoseconds — and even to alter their behavior. Demonstrated by researchers at...
Prisms, Masks Recreate Color Images from White Light
Full-color images can be projected using only two gray scale masks printed on transparencies affixed to a prism. A team from Disney Research Zurich demonstrated the effect and presented their...
Spanish University to Honor Fiber Innovator Philip Russell
Philip Russell, the inventor of photonic crystal fiber (PCF), will receive an honorary doctorate from Menéndez Pelayo International University next summer. Originally from Northern...
Pyreos Secures £2.5M in Funding; Names Directors
Investors have appointed two nonexecutive directors to the board of IR sensor firm Pyreos Ltd. after completing a £2.5 million (about $3.85 million) funding round. Tony Lear represents...
Clinical Test: Michelson Diagnostics OCT Scanner Promising for Skin Cancer Detection
An optical coherence tomography (OCT) scanner from Michelson Diagnostics Ltd. aided early stage diagnosis of basal-cell carcinoma (BCC) and reduced the need for biopsies by 36 percent in recent...
Jenoptik to Provide Traffic Control Camera Systems for Austrian Highways
Jenoptik AG has entered into an agreement with highway maintenance company Asfinag AG to provide 18 speed control systems for Austrian roads. The order is valued in the low two-digit million euro...
LOA Signs €152K Contract for Hungarian Attosecond Project
Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée (LOA) in Palaiseau, France, has signed a €152,000 (about $173,000) contract to design, assemble and test an attosecond light source for a future research...
Startup to Develop Light-Sheet Microscopes with €6M in Venture Funding
The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) has launched a company to develop light-sheet microscopes for the global life sciences market. Luxendo GmbH will get its start with €6...
German Partnership Brings OCT, Laser Transfer Printing to Hearing Aid Manufacturing
Seven businesses and a nonprofit research institute have partnered to improve the functionality and comfort of hearing aids through light-based imaging and manufacturing technologies. The...
Plessey Plans £60M LED Factory Expansion
Plessey Semiconductors Ltd. is preparing to begin a £60 million (about $91 million) expansion of its LED manufacturing facility with help from a major loan and a government grant. This...
Optical Memory Chip Uses Phase-Change Material
The first demonstration of a stable nanoscale optical memory chip could allow storage and retrieval of data without the latency inherent in electronic systems. The prototype, developed by...
Detector Seeks Better LED Photometry Results
A photometric device could improve the relative uncertainty in measuring the luminous efficacy of LEDs from approximately 5 percent today to 1 percent in the future. Photometers used by lamp...

LEDs Let You Cast Timely Shadows
“It is a simple ring of light on the wall — if you point your finger into the center, your own shadow becomes the hands of this shy clock — fragile, transient but present like yourself,” Vienna-based design group breadedEscalope said of their recent creation. The prototype Shadowplay clock, the group’s latest piece of noncommercial work, represents the...

Global Shutter CMOS Camera
Sony Corp. has announced a series of global shutter CMOS cameras for factory automation and nonmanufacturing markets. The XCG-CG240/C and XCG-CG510/C models feature multipixel averaging technology for optimum performance in a range of environments. They are available in black and white or color. Application areas include the automotive, electronics, semiconductor and food and beverage...
Sony Europe Ltd., Image Sensing Solutions
Spherical Mirrors
Optical Surfaces Ltd. offers precision spherical mirrors for use in Schlieren imaging, wind tunnels, observatory spectrographs, bubble chambers and hyperboloid testing. Achievable surface...
Optical Surfaces Ltd.
Ti:Sapphire Laser
Radiantis Light SL has announced the Blaze laser, combining a pump laser and a femtosecond optical parametric oscillator (OPO) into a single housing. The off-the-shelf product incorporates both...
Radiantis Light SL
Multicore Fiber Fanouts
Optoscribe Ltd. has added an ultralow-crosstalk option to its 3D Optofan series of multicore fiber fanouts. Stray light is minimized by controlling the 3D waveguide layout inside the component,...
Optoscribe Ltd.
SWIR Lenses
Resolve Optics Ltd. offers focus-corrected shortwave-infrared (SWIR) lenses that maintain maximum performance in the 900- to 1700-nm range. The lenses eliminate the need for constant...
Resolve Optics Ltd.
Process Carriers
Plan Optik AG has expanded its range of carriers for the handling of semiconductor wafers and substrates of nonstandard shapes and sizes for processes related to semiconductors and...
Plan Optik AG
Pulsed Laser Diodes
Laser Components GmbH offers a modular pulsed laser diode for easy integration into optical benches. The L-CUBE features three wavelengths: 850 nm (up to 10 W), 905 nm (up to 200 W), and 1550...
Laser Components GmbH
Optical Fiber Measurement
The SmartOTDR from Viavi Solutions Inc. of California is a handheld measurement device for fiber optic networks. The SmartOTDR combines optical time-domain reflectometer measurements, connector...
Laser Components GmbH
CMOS Cameras
The Giganetix Plus camera series from Smartek Vision DOO of Croatia now includes the GCP2061 and GCP2046 models equipped with the Sony Pregius Exmor IMX250 and IMX252 image sensors. High...
Fiber Optic Breakout Modules
The tML fiber optic breakout modules from tde (trans data elektronik GmbH) offer an increased number of ports and a higher packing density than previous models. Incoming data rates can be split...
trans data elektronik GmbH
Stereo Microscope
The Lynx EVO stereo microscope from Vision Engineering Ltd. eliminates vision strain by eliminating the eyepiece. The device provides 3D imaging with superior ergonomics to promote simple...
Vision Engineering Ltd.
Online Lens Design Tools
Luxexcel Group BV, in cooperation with trinckle 3D GmbH, now offers two online lens design tools. The tools enable creation of custom plano convex or concave lenses tailored for specific...
Scan Software
Aicon 3D Systems GmbH has announced the Optocat scan software to facilitate 3D measuring processes. The single captures of the scan process can be aligned automatically without the help of...
Aicon 3D Systems GmbH
Single-Photon Counter
Aurea Technology offers the PicoXea, a picosecond-resolution time correlated single-photon-counting analyzer. The device integrates a single-photon avalanche photodiode, picosecond pulsed laser...
AUREA Technology
Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor
Optocraft GmbH offers a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor system for recording the characteristic values of optical lenses in both research and production. The basic SHSLab system consists of the...

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