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EuroPhotonics: September 2015

Photonics Meets Cultural Heritage
We can say without doubt that Vatican City is the city/state that has, on its territory, the most amazing concentration of artwork in the world. With its 0.44-square-kilometer (0.17-square-mile)...
Louis Bonnefous, Institut d'Optique Graduate School, Anke Lohmann, Knowledge Transfer Network and Carlos Lee, European Photonics Industry consortium (EPIC)
Clinicians Demand More From Optical Devices
Optical technologies have a long history of providing a rapid and noninvasive way of diagnosing, imaging and operating that other methods simply cannot match. It’s little wonder then that the...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,
New Markets for High-Power Diode Lasers
New applications for diode lasers are opening up in the field of laser projection, as well as in the high-brightness materials processing market. Combining visible high-power diode lasers in the red...
DR. JÖRG Neukum, Dilas Diodenlaser GmbH
France: A Top Competitor in Optics, Photonics
Talk of climate change, global warming, ozone-layer depletion and rising air pollution has many working to reduce their carbon footprint — France included. The country’s many initiatives...
Justine Murphy, Editor,

Art Meets Technology
Vatican City is home to some of the world’s most celebrated works of art, including pieces by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Time and outside elements take their toll on antique pieces and, until now, little (if anything) could be done to properly conserve, reconstruct or authenticate them. An article by Louis Bonnefous of the Institut d’Optique Graduate School in France,...
Justine Murphy, Editor,

Observing the World Through an Animal’s Eyes
Knowing how animals see the world is helping scientists better understand the environment and the ways animals live and survive. A new camera technology, developed at the University of Exeter in England, now allows humans to view the world through an animal’s eyes. The new software suite, which converts digital photos to animal vision, is especially useful for studying animal and...

Theoretical Materials 'Invisible' to Light Waves
Materials that allow light to pass through without distortion are possible, according to a new set of calculations by an international team of researchers. When a light wave travels through...
Rofin-Sinar Announces Q3 Numbers
Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of high- performance laser beam sources and solutions, has announced its fiscal third quarter results. Net sales totaled $132.5 million, a 1...
World Economic Forum Names Heliatek ‘Technology Pioneer’
The World Economic Forum has listed Heliatek GmbH, a photovoltaic solar film manufacturer, as a Technology Pioneer in its annual list of the world’s most innovative companies. From among...
Gooch & Housego Wins £364K to Develop 'Freeze Ray'
Gooch & Housego PLC has been awarded £364,000 (about $569,000) in U.K. funding to lead development of a miniature, high-power fiber system for laser cooling in practical environments. ...
Trumpf Sales, Order Intake Climb 5 Percent
Sales and orders increased by approximately 5 percent in the last fiscal year at Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG. The company said its preliminary calculations showed total sales of €2.723 billion...
Microlasers Track Cells from the Inside
Embedded microlasers could allow scientists to track and distinguish between large numbers of cells simultaneously. Two laboratories have published results independently, each showing that...
Fluorescent Mesh Aids Tissue Regrowth
Polymer fibers provide a mesh for tissue growth that can be monitored through near-infrared fluorescence imaging. Originally developed for solar cells, the material, called TQ1, exhibits...
Selective Laser Micromelting Creates Medical Implants
Selective laser micromelting enables processing of new materials that could be useful in medical implants. An electrode head coated with platinum-iridium using selective laser micromelting....
Optical Glucose Sensor on Commercial Path
A University of Leeds spin-off company is seeking to commercialize an optical glucose sensor that could make finger-prick blood tests unnecessary for people with diabetes. Glucosense...
Nanoco Forms Quantum Dot Lighting Division
Citing growing interest from the lighting industry, Nanoco Group PLC has formed a division to develop cadmium-free quantum dot (CFQD) technology. The company said it aims to develop CFQDs that...
Dynamic Perspective, TU Wien Collaborate on Drone Gimbal
A lightweight camera-suspension system for ultralight aircraft and drones has been developed by Dynamic Perspective GmbH and Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). Weighing less than 20 kg,...
Boron Turns Graphene into Blue Light Emitter
Chemists at Goethe University Frankfurt have developed a new class of organic luminescent materials through the targeted introduction of boron atoms into graphene. The compounds exhibit an intense...
Neptec UK to Build Satellite Optical Metrology System
Neptec UK Ltd. will develop the High Accuracy Metrology System (HAMS) for the European Space Agency’s Proba-3 satellite mission, tentatively scheduled for launch in late 2018. An...
MoS2 Films Made at Room Temperature in New Process
A new chemical vapor deposition process allows fabrication of wafer-scale films of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), which until now has been commercially available only in microscale flakes. The...
Graphene Confines Light for Nanomolecular Sensing
A plasmonic sensor made of graphene can conduct complex analyses of the smallest molecules without altering them. The device overcomes a limitation of traditional IR absorption spectroscopy,...
Light-Activated Drugs Help Target Tumors, Cut Side Effects
A new technique that uses light to activate chemotherapy drugs in specific cells shows promise as a way to improve the effectiveness of cancer therapies while preventing severe side effects. By...
3D-Micromac Wins Contract for Laser Solar Cell Processing Systems
Laser micromachining firm 3D-Micromac AG said it recently won a major contract for 27 systems for processing PERC (passivated emitter rear cell) solar cells. The company said a global...
IOP Recognizes Four for Photonics, Optics Research
The Institute of Physics (IOP) has recognized four photonics researchers with its 2015 awards. Professor Eli Yablonovitch of the University of California, Berkeley, a pioneer in the field of...

The Lightest and Brightest
Technology and art don’t typically run with the same crowds. One sparks practicality and technology-based ideas; the other, creativity and imagination. So what happens when the two come together? The Wellington LUX Festival, an annual event that turns New Zealand’s capital into one of the world’s lightest and brightest cities merges light, art, technology and design. ...
Justine Murphy, Editor,

IR Illumination for Camera Surveillance
The Oslon Black SFH 4713A LED from Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH provides IR illumination for camera surveillance. The LED emits at 850 nm and supports near-range illumination from 10 to 50 m....
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH
Illumination System
The Lumen 200S metal halide illumination system from Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd. is an alternative to standard 100-W mercury and halogen lamp houses traditionally used for fluorescence imaging....
Prior Scientific Instruments, Ltd.
Fiber Optic Patch Cables
Laser Components GmbH now offers polarization-maintaining fiber optic patch cables for use from telecom wavelengths down to approximately 450 nm. Both passive and active fiber alignment is...
Laser Components GmbH
Isolating Feet for Reflective Collimators
Optical Surfaces Ltd. has announced a new option for its range of fully enclosed, pre-aligned reflective collimators. Self-aligning isolating feet allow a 10-mm height adjustment and easy...
Optical Surfaces Ltd.
Industrial Camera
Imaging Development Systems GmbH has announced the UI-3140CP Rev. 2 industrial camera with a 1.3-MP Python 1300 CMOS sensor. Part of the USB 3 uEye CP Rev. 2 series, the camera is available as...
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
Machine Vision Software
MVTec Software GmbH has released an update to its Halcon machine vision software. Halcon 12.0.1 is the first maintenance release for the system, offering optical character recognition, data...
MVTec Software GmbH
Measurement System
The Volume Light Grid (VLG) from Framos GmbH is a robust, plug-and-play volume and dimensional measurement system for the logistics industry. The system is available with a bulge-measurement...
Optical Parametric Oscillators
Angewandte Physik und Elektronik GmbH has announced a scientific laser platform based on fully automated, synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillators (OPOs). Featuring redeveloped...
A.P.E Angewandte Physik & Elektronik GmbH
Color Sensor
Wenglor Sensoric GmbH has announced the P1XF001 six-channel multispectral sensor with a fiber-optic cable. A tool for color detection, the sensor can measure in the ROYGBV color space,...
Wenglor Sensoric GmbH
Refractive Diffusers
Customized refractive diffusers from PowerPhotonic Ltd. enable beamshaping of high-power pulsed or CW lasers. A freeform direct-write process is used to fabricate these highly nonuniform...
PowerPhotonic Ltd.
Color LEDs
Plessey Semiconductors Ltd. has announced the expansion of its dotLED product line with a wider selection of colors including red, green and blue. Designed specifically for low-profile,...
Plessey Semiconductors
Laser Rod Test Station
A test station from Trioptics GmbH aids quality assurance during production of laser rods up to 150 mm in length. The system performs measurements of the parallelism of laser rod end surfaces,...
Armstrong Optical Ltd.
Tube Light System
Chromasens GmbH has expanded its range of LED illumination products with the Corona II tube light system. Intended for machine vision applications, the light system enables bright-field...
Chromasens GmbH
Industrial Spectrometer
Offering USB 3.0 communication, the AvaSpec-ULS2048L-EVO spectrometer from Avantes BV provides faster transfer speeds than earlier models. With an AS 7010 electronics board, the spectrometer...
Avantes BV
OCT Measurement System
Flo-IR GmbH offers an optical coherence tomography system for measuring the thickness of multilayer films and geometrical shapes, and for characterizing the quality of sealed seams, as in coffee...
Microscope Upgrade Kit
PicoQuant GmbH’s upgrade kit now supports the Zeiss LSM 880 confocal laser scanning microscope. The upgrade kit enhances the microscope's capabilities through the addition of...
PicoQuant GmbH

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