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EuroPhotonics: June 2015

Laser World of Photonics
Laser Munich will focus on image processing, from products and systems to manufacturing and applications. Image processing and laser systems are ever-present in modern manufacturing. The 2015...
Justine Murphy, Contributing Editor,
The UK in Lights
Discoveries by revolutionary scientists Augustin-Jean Fresnel, Thomas Young and others have helped shape the modern world of photonics. Technological innovations, ongoing education and training, and...
Justine Murphy, Contributing Editor,
Exact Lens Positioning Is Key to High-Performance Optics Production
Ultraprecision machines can provide positioning and lathe centering of mounted lenses in high-performance optics production. Integrated software works with high-precision metrology to offer more...
Dr. Christian Wenzel , Innolite GmbH
Maturing Market Means LED Makers Must Offer More
With increasing efficiency, significantly improved thermal cooling and the emergence of low-priced LED solutions, the adoption of this solid-state lighting technology is shifting, and so, too, is the...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,

Shifting Light
Allow me to formally introduce myself. After a stint as a news editor for, I stepped into the role of EuroPhotonics editor early this year. I hit the ground running, bringing with me more than 15 years of media experience, and am thrilled for the opportunity to look closely at the photonics industry in Europe. I look forward to bringing you the most comprehensive,...
Justine Murphy, Contributing Editor,

Airborne Laser Scanning Keeps Nature Areas Protected
Europe’s nature protection areas – part of a comprehensive ecological network called Natura 2000 – cover almost one-fifth of the European Union. Such areas must be regularly monitored and evaluated to ensure preservation of natural resources and wildlife. But that isn’t easy from the ground or even with traditional aerial photography. Now researchers at the Vienna...

First Light Imaging Wins EC Grant to Develop IR Camera
First Light Imaging SAS will use a grant from the European Commission to finalize development of an ultrafast, low-noise IR camera for use in astronomy, medical imagery, industry and defense. The company is one of six small and medium French enterprises to receive grants totaling €10.79 million under the Horizon 2020 Instrument SME Phase 2 program. Founded in 2011, First Light...
Eurolaser Opens New Facility in Poland
Eurolaser GmbH has opened a branch office in Poland to address demand for CO2 laser systems for large-format cutting. Eurolaser CEO Matthias Kluczinski, left, and Poland Sales Manager Mariusz...
Major Stakeholder Divests from Jenoptik; Shares Snapped up by New Investors
ECE Industrial Holdings GmbH has sold its approximately 10.48 percent stake in Jenoptik AG. Jenoptik said the roughly 6 million shares were purchased by other investors March 31 at a price of...
Optogenetics Could Counteract Erectile Dysfunction
A gene construct that reacts to blue light could offer a drug-free remedy for men with erectile dysfunction. Researchers at ETH Zurich’s Department of Biosystems in Basel have tested the...
Blackbird Robotersysteme Launches Chinese Subsidiary
Laser welding firm Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH has established a sales and service center in Shanghai. Blackbird Robotics Asia will be headed by Derek Wang, who has been named vice president...
Narrower Lasers Could Yield Better Atomic Clocks
Atomic clocks lose 1 second every 300 million years, but that level of accuracy isn’t good enough for researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute. For even better precision, they’ve...
Chalcogenide Fibers Mimic Brain Functions
Chalcogenide microfibers could be used to replicate the workings of the human brain, enabling optical computers capable of learning and evolving. A variety of broadband photoinduced effects...
Schumacher Named Jenoptik CFO
The supervisory board of Jenoptik AG has appointed Hans-Dieter Schumacher chief financial officer effective April 1. Schumacher will succeed Rudiger Andreas Gunther, whose contract is expiring....
Large-Surface OLED Film Advances Advertising Displays
Printable organic LED technology could be used to enable large-scale patterned and flexible light-emitting surfaces for advertising displays, as well as transparent smart surfaces to be attached to...
Light’s Wave-Particle Duality Visualized (with video)
A novel imaging approach has brought light’s split personalities together for the first time. The wave-particle duality of light is well known, though experiments to date have only been...
Tyndall to Lead $6M Project on Photonic Circuits for Data Transmission
Tyndall National Institute will lead a consortium of researchers in a three-year, €5.2 million (about $5.95 million) European Union-funded project to develop photonic circuits for faster,...
Two Reach Top Rung of Zeiss Technical Ladder
Optics giant Zeiss has elevated two employees to the highest level on its technical ladder. Dr. Michael Kempe and Dr. Michael Totzeck of Zeiss’ corporate research and technology division, are...
Germany Opens Digital Photonic Production Research Campus
Government, scientific and industry leaders recently opened the Digital Photonic Production research campus to develop light as a production tool. The German Federal Ministry of Education and...
New Fibercore SVP Targets Oil & Gas Market
Brian Herbst has been named global senior vice president of sales for Fibercore, where he will lead a push into new markets. Herbst was formerly director of specialty cables at AFL. He...
Laser Frequency Comb Boosts Solar Telescope Accuracy (with video)
Laser frequency combs can help telescopes achieve unprecedented accuracy in spectral measurements, and may someday aid detection of Earth-sized exoplanets. A team from three German institutions...
ZnO Nanowires Create Ultrasensitive UV Smoke Detector
A new low-temperature nanowire growth process can create ultrasensitive UV smoke detectors directly on a microchip. A ZnO nanowire detector created through a seedless hydrothermal technique is...
Film Enables Touch Displays That Respond to Bending, Heat
A novel film could be used to make flexible displays that respond not only to touch but also to bending and heat. Developed by a team from the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research (ISC),...

Quiet in the Peanut Gallery!
If you have a peanut allergy, you’re in for a bad time. A constant state of alert is status quo, with typical culprits (like peanut butter, peanut flour and peanut oil) on the blacklist and other, more subtle threats (like chocolate, pastries and candy) flirting with the prohibition. Even lawn fertilizer has been known to contain peanut hulls. Being the watchdog for this kind of danger is...

Motion Control Stages
Offered by Piezosystem Jena GmbH, motion control stages with a travel range up to several millimeters can be used as single units or in combination with piezoelectric stages for a variety of...
piezosystem jena GmbH
Optical Fiber Identifiers
New optical fiber identifiers, used for identifying the light power presence in optical fibers, are available from Fujikura Europe Ltd. The FID-30R (pictured) includes an optical power meter...
Fujikura Europe Ltd.
Digital Laser Scan Head
Laser Control Systems Ltd. has introduced the fourth-generation Digi-Cube II digital laser scan head for high-speed laser marking. Suitable for OEM design integration, the compact version of the...
Laser Control Systems Ltd.
Thermal Analysis System
A new thermal analysis system from Linkam Scientific Instruments Ltd. offers as visualization-through-software approach. Vista combines the characterization power of thermal analysis with the...
Linkam Scientific Instruments Ltd.
FLIM Attachment
A new fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) system from Lambert Instruments BV is compatible with any wide-field fluorescence microscope. The LIFA-TD (Lambert Instruments FLIM...
Lambert Instruments BV
Thermography Camera
Upgraded thermography cameras from InfraTec GmbH may be used in routine preventive maintenance and R&D. The new EverSharp algorithm now included with VarioCAM High Definition cameras...
Armstrong Optical Ltd.
Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly
Huber+Suhner Cube Optics AG has announced its integrated multi-lambda 100-Gb/s Receiver Optical Sub Assembly (ROSA), compatible with CFP4 and QSPF28 form factors. With a size of 18 × 6.5...
Cube Optics AG
Optical Test Platform
An updated model of Yenista Optics’ OSICS optical test and measurement platform is designed to add functionality while maintaining compatibility with existing modules. The platform...
Yenista Optics
Correlative Microscopy System
A new system from Leica Microsystems facilitates correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM). The EM Cryo CLEM system consists of the company’s DM6000 FS fluorescence light...
Leica Microsystems GmbH
Thermal Imaging Sensor
A new thermal imaging sensor from Ulis uses less power at standard frame rates than similar products, making it suitable for integration into cameras for security night vision, as well as nature...
Industrial Microscope
Olympus has expanded its DSX digital microscope series to enable faster measurement in manufacturing, quality assurance and application development applications. The series includes the...
Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG, Medical Systems & Micro-Imaging Solutions Group
Beam-Handling Systems
Three OWISets PRAK beam-handling systems from Owis are designed for experimental setups at institutes, universities and colleges. Each is based on standard components from the company’s...
OWIS GmbH, Optical Beam Handling & Positioning Systems
Spectrofluorometer with Cryostat
Edinburgh Instruments has combined its FS5 single-photon-counting spectrofluorometer with a liquid nitrogen cryostat. This enables users to measure the spectral properties of a sample from 77...
Edinburgh Instruments Ltd., Photonics
UV Optical Fibers
Polymicro Technologies LLC has developed the FDP line of solarization-resistant optical fibers for UV applications. The stabilization of the fiber material’s 214- and 265-nm absorption...
Laser Components GmbH
Blue Diode Laser System
Dilas offers a diode laser system emitting visible blue light at 450 nm, suitable for a range of applications in illumination and materials processing. The Compact series delivers output power...
DILAS Diodenlaser GmbH
LED Modules
New LED modules from Omicron offer greater functionality and flexibility than previous models for applications in industry and research. With more than 40 wavelengths from the deep UV to the...
Omicron-Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH
A new high-resolution spectrometer platform for integrators of compact analytical and process-control instruments from Ibsen Photonics can operate under demanding environmental conditions. The...
Ibsen Photonics A/S
Automated Raman Imaging System
A fully automated microscope system from Witec offers 3-D confocal Raman imaging with high spectral resolution and sensitive laser power determination. Apyron includes laser wavelength...
WITec GmbH
CCD Line-Scan Camera
A new color line-scan CCD camera from Chromasens GmbH offers a 300 percent increase in speed compared to conventional CCD line-scan cameras when used in CameraLink full mode. The AllPixa Pro is...
Chromasens GmbH
Global Shutter Sensor
Suited for rapidly moving objects or scenes, the NSC1201-SI global shutter VGA InGaAs sensor from New Imaging Technologies features a high-frequency clock in TECless mode. The...
New Imaging Technologies (NIT)

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