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EuroPhotonics: December 2013

Tough Times Call for European PV Manufacturing to Step Up
With a tough economic market and global differences in government subsidies, it has never been more important for European PV makers to focus on their production techniques to make solar even more profitable. Over the past 20 years, the European solar industry has worked hard to gain global leadership. Today, there are over 130 European solar manufacturers, and 5.2 percent of the peak...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,
For Lasers, No Vibrations Allowed
Efficient use of a laser beam is dependent not only on the power of the laser source and beam quality, but also on its precise guidance. Short- and ultrashort-pulse lasers are used to remove...
Dr. Barbara Stumpp, Freelance Science Writer
Interferometry Offers Accurate Wavelength Measurements
New solutions for fast and accurate wavelength measurements use interferometer technology, which offers a number of benefits compared with classic spectrum analysis. As soon as highly accurate...
Jörg Latzel, Yokogawa Europe

Confidence Should Be UK Model Moving Forward
At an executive roundtable held in October in conjunction with Photonex 2013, UK industry executives spoke frankly about how best to catch up to leading nations, with discussion focusing on the different success models that distinguish the frontrunners. Among other conclusions drawn by those on the panel was that, to take advantage of current opportunities and to grow, the UK industry must...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

Water stream makes better pollution detector
A new microfluidic sensor uses unconfined streams of water to test for dangerous chemicals and bacteria in liquid simply and cheaply. The pollutant detector was developed in Italy within the framework of the research project ACQUASENSE, and it overcomes the background-noise problems associated with the channel walls used in today’s more advanced water-testing devices. It...

‘God particle’ theorists share physics Nobel
Peter Higgs and François Englert will share the 2013 Nobel Prize in physics for their independent theoretical discoveries nearly 50 years ago of the Higgs boson, the so-called “God...
Tabletop OPA generates 10 TW
A new optical parametric amplifier that’s extremely efficient and small enough to fit on a desktop generates light pulses of more than 10 TW. The amplifier, constructed by a team from...
Graphene on chip closing the gap with germanium
Graphene-based photodetectors can efficiently convert IR light into electrical signals, three independent studies have reported. The work “makes it very likely that graphene will soon replace...
UK execs: Photonics must connect to higher areas in value chain
The UK photonics industry needs to make connections with the markets it enables if it wants to take advantage of the opportunities available today and grow into an even brighter tomorrow, according...
Laura Marshall, Managing Editor,
Photonics West to spotlight industrial, bio technologies and more
SPIE expects to welcome some 20,000 photonics industry professionals, from company representatives to engineers, researchers and students who will travel from around the world, to the Moscone Center...
Teledyne adds partner for space imaging platform
The German Aerospace Center (DLR) will develop an instrument for Teledyne Technologies Inc.’s digital imaging platform for the International Space Station. Partnering with Teledyne Brown...
Oclaro sells Zurich laser diode business to II-VI for $115M
Optical communications provider Oclaro Inc. has sold its Zurich-based subsidiary and laser diode business to II-VI Inc. for $115 million as part of its restructuring plan. Oclaro received $92...
Fiber optic links may show height differences between optical clocks
A new approach transporting frequencies via commercially available fiber makes it possible to use optical atomic clocks to precisely measure height differences between locations thousands of...
Haptic optical tweezers let us ‘feel’ microstructures
A new technology called haptic optical tweezers allows microscope users to manipulate samples by sight and touch, which could improve dexterity of micromanipulation and microassembly. The...
Cascade Microtech acquires ATT Systems
Semiconductor test equipment manufacturer Cascade Microtech Inc. has acquired thermal systems provider ATT Advanced Temperature Test Systems GmbH for €8.4 million in cash, approximately 1.6...
Sofradir to Move HQ, Expand The need to enlarge its facilities and increase production has spurred IR detector maker Sofradir to begin moving its headquarters to a high-tech valley near Paris. As a...
Pyreos Secures $4M for Expansion Pyreos Ltd. of Edinburgh, Scotland, is planning an international expansion now that it has secured $4 million through a funding round. The investment was led by...
IDS Appoints UK Sales Director IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH of Obersulm, Germany, has named machine vision market veteran Steve Hearn as its new UK sales director, the industrial camera...
Headwall Signs Distributor in Italy Headwall Photonics of Fitchburg, Mass., has signed Diessechem srl of Milan and Rome as distributor of its hyperspectral sensors and Raman imagers in Italy....

Spring-mounted lidar maps Leaning Tower of Pisa
Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa is already in a pretty precarious position – hence the name – but imagine the tragedy if an earthquake or other disaster knocked it over. Preservationists would need precise information to restore it to its historic glory. And now, courtesy of a spring-mounted mobile laser mapping system, a comprehensive 3-D map could help with such an effort. ...

VLM Servomotor Series
Kollmorgen’s new VLM servomotor series, now available from Heason Technology, offers a torque range of 0.5 to 4.5 Nm continuous and 16-Nm peak, with speeds up to 6000 rpm. The motors are available in frame sizes of 60 and 90 mm or NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association) 23 and 34, with a choice of 12 standard windings. A range of shaft and mounting possibilities...
Heason Technology Ltd.
IPUP2 Vacuum Pump
Edwards Group Ltd. has introduced the IPUP2, an integrated point-of-use pump for load-lock and transfer chamber applications on Applied Materials’ manufacturing platforms and for use by...
intelliSCANse Digital Encoder Galvanometer Scan Heads
Scanlab AG has introduced its intelliSCANse series 10- and 14-mm-aperture digital encoder galvanometer scan heads for electronic component and display manufacturing and for semiconductor processing. ...
iPOS4808 BX-CAT Drive
The new iPOS4808 BX-CAT drive from Technosoft covers medium- to high-volume applications for control of rotary or linear brushless, DC brush, and step motors of up to 400 W and 50 V. The...
LR17 Piezo Rotary Motor
PiezoMotor AB has released LR17, a 17-mm-diameter piezo LEGS rotary motor with an integrated absolute encoder for compact motion applications. The device features 30-mNm stall torque from...
PiezoMotor AB
pylon 4 Camera Software Suite
Basler AG has released pylon 4, the latest version of the pylon camera software suite supporting the company’s ace cameras with USB 3.0 interface and Windows 8. The suite includes a...
Basler AG
PLu neox Forensic Metrology System
The PLu neox noncontact optical forensic metrology system from Sensofar features a dual-technology sensor head that combines confocal and interferometric techniques to obtain fast and noninvasive...
Sensofar-Tech SL, Metrology
Fiber Optic Transceivers
Harting Ltd. has released a range of fiber optic transceivers that integrate electro-optical converters in small form-factor (SFF) and small form-factor pluggable (SFP) packages with PushPull...
Model 320 Thermal Imaging Lenses
Resolve Optics has introduced Model 320 fixed-focus IR germanium lenses for thermal imaging applications that it says uniquely combines high quality, high throughput, compactness and robustness at an...
Resolve Optics Ltd.
ScanReference Measuring System
The ScanReference photogrammetry system from Aicon 3D Systems GmbH was designed for measuring large objects with handheld scanners made by the Artec Group. Developed for white-light,...
Aicon 3D Systems GmbH
NoIR LaserShields Eyewear
Elliot Scientific Ltd. has introduced a range of NoIR LaserShields eyewear products manufactured by NoIR Laser Co. LLC. The laser safety products are available with a comprehensive group of...
Elliot Scientific Ltd.
Eagle Spectrometer
Ibsen Photonics has announced the Eagle short-wavelength near-IR spectrometer platform for analytical instrument fabrication. Suitable for process control systems, it can be integrated into...
Ibsen Photonics A/S
SpectroCam SWIR Camera
The SpectroCam multispectral camera from PixelTeq offers multiband, short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) imaging that improves contrast with real-time, pseudo-color visualization for remote sensing,...
Sarfus Mapping Nanoscale Microscopy
Nanolane is offering its latest generation of Sarfus Mapping stations for label-free, real-time nanoscale life sciences imaging. Sarfus Mapping LR is designed for analyses in air, and Sarfus Mapping...
Lumimax LED Mounting
Machine vision company iiM AG is expanding its Lumimax product line with various LED mounting solutions for industrial component integration. The holders are designed mainly for applications with...
Board-Level uEye LE Camera
The IDS Gigabit Ethernet board-level uEye LE industrial camera series is now available with a high-resolution 5-megapixel CMOS sensor from Aptina for microscopy, industrial inspection and machine...
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
Fiber-Coupled, Multibar Diode Laser
Dilas has introduced its fiber-coupled, multibar diode laser module for applications such as cladding, brazing, hardening and heat-conduction welding. With its fiber interface, it can be combined...
DILAS Diodenlaser GmbH
QI Flash Control I
SQB GmbH’s two-channel strobe QI Flash Control I reduces the influence of ambient light and blur effects during image acquisition of fast-moving industrial processes. With two...
VoluMax Computer Tomograph
The VoluMax computer tomograph from Carl Zeiss IMT GmbH generates 3-D volume data in seconds, either in the lab or on the shop floor, and is insensitive to temperature fluctuations, making it...

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