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EuroPhotonics: September 2014

Diode Lasers Break into New Wavelengths, New Applications
New wavelengths, new production technologies and microassembly are all expected to help extend the reach of diode lasers in the future. The field of diode lasers is a dynamic, fast-developing area, enabling new applications to emerge continuously. From pumping of solid-state lasers to materials processing and medical applications, the technology is broadening its appeal beyond the niche...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,
SWIR Applications and Challenges: A Primer
Infrared imaging opens endless possibilities for industrial, scientific and security image-processing applications. But short-wave infrared cameras must overcome the limitations of InGaAs sensor...
Jens Hashagen, Allied Vision Technologies GmbH
Lens-Free Microscopes Offer Real-Time Bio Imaging
A totally different type of microscope will be much smaller and less complex than traditional microscopes, but more powerful. Two years ago, a customer handed Richard Stahl and the imec team...
Jan Provoost, IMEC

Put Your Best Photons Forward
Day of Photonics 2014, promoted as a preparatory day for the International Year of Light 2015, is being coordinated by EPIC as an opportunity for photonics industry organizations of all kinds to spread the word about the importance of light-based technologies to people in their local communities. On one day – Oct. 21 – student chapters will reach out to schools, companies will...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

UV Takes Water Treatment Chemical-Free
A new UV process quickly breaks down pollutants in wastewater without help from chemical catalysts. The system uses 172-nm light to trigger photolysis, splitting H2O molecules into highly reactive hydroxyl radicals. “These hydroxyl compounds have an even higher reaction potential than atomic oxygen, for example,” said Siegfried Egner, head of the Physical Process...

Day of Photonics Set For Oct. 21
The annual Day of Photonics will take place Oct. 21, offering the general public a look at the opportunities the industry offers. Organized by the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) and sponsored by organizations worldwide, the event aims to raise awareness of different aspects of the industry and to educate the public— including public authorities, students, investors...
Europium Complexes Emit Red Light with Record Efficiency
New material developed in Poland has enabled Scottish researchers to produce a highly efficient, nearly monochromatic red OLED. The compounds were developed at the Institute of Physical...
Nanocrystals Bridge Visible, Invisible Spectra
Nanocrystals containing cerium and terbium have been shown to efficiently convert UV and IR to visible light, presenting a possible solution to the bandgap problems in solar panels, among other...
Scaling Down Quantum Cryptography for Mobile Phones
A tiny microchip has huge potential for the future of secure quantum communications. A new client-server quantum key distribution method developed at the University of Bristol allows...
Tiny Crystals Could Oust Traditional Solar Absorbers
Traditional absorbers in thin film-based solar cells may have some competition in a new technique that incorporates nontoxic and relatively common elements. The new approach, developed by a...
Laser Vision Keeps Eye on Industrial Fluids
New laser machine vision systems can monitor the condition of lubricating and hydraulic oils, as well as other fluids in industrial installations without interrupting operations. “A...
Light-Activated Neurons May Restore Function to Paralyzed Muscles
There is optimism that a new technique could help paralyzed muscles move again using light. The technique, developed at University College London and King’s College London, could...
Laser Process Allows Precision Design of Nanospheres
A laser-based technique for creating light-scattering silicon nanospheres could have applications in medicine and sensor technology. Molten silicon forms nanoparticles which, due to...
Long-Range 3-D Lidar May Enhance Military Operations
Advancement of 3-D imaging and lidar technologies could spell significant enhancement for target identification, tracking and surveillance, namely in military operations. A team at Selex ES...
Microscopy Enables Detailed Insights into Mitochondria
A new microscopy technique combining confocal and two-photon excitation microscopy with in situ pharmacological and genetic manipulation has given researchers insight into how the nervous system...
Photoactive Material Could Ease Dental Woes
A visit to the dentist may not be the most fun experience, but a new material could make it more tolerable. A new generation of dental filling materials that harden more quickly under blue...
Fluorescent Hybrid Changes Color with Polarization
A fluorescent hybrid material that changes color based on light polarization could enhance a number of applications in nanotechnologies. Creating this material required a host inorganic...
Allied Vision Technologies Names UK Sales Manager
Allied Vision Technologies, a manufacturer of digital cameras for the machine vision market, has named Alastair Slater as a sales consultant in the United Kingdom. Slater is based in the London area...
InnoLas Names Director of Sales and Marketing
InnoLas Solutions GmbH has named Ernst Hartmannsgruber director of sales and marketing. Hartmannsgruber received a diploma in physics in 1995 from the Technische Universität Berlin, and...
Carl Zeiss Meditec Reports Growing Demand
Demand for intraocular lenses and microsurgery products boosted business for medical technology company Carl Zeiss Meditec AG in the first six months of its fiscal year. Revenue increased by around 4...
Jenoptik Earnings Flat in First Quarter
The Jenoptik Group reported level profits and revenues in line with expectations in the first quarter of 2014. The company reported earnings before interest and tax of € 10.5 million...
Tech workshop focuses on PIC packaging
Packaging for photonic integrated circuits continues to evolve, despite challenges. For silicon photonics, some of the potential solutions include wafer-level methods and “microbench”...

Had a few too many? A laser is waiting for you.
“Don’t drink and drive.” You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. But some people still refuse to abide by that rule. It’s likely that you’ve shared the road with dozens of drunken drivers over your lifetime, and the numbers prove it: In the U.S., more than 4 million adults have admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol at least once in...

Elliptical Flat Mirrors
Altechna has released a line of elliptical flat mirrors ranging in size from 12.7 to 50.8 mm whose apertures become circular when the mirror is rotated 45° around the minor axis. The...
Altechna, UAB
Imaging Intensifiers
Specialized Imaging’s SIL2 range of imaging intensifiers houses fast relay lenses to enable interfacing to almost any high-speed camera or video system. Improving the sensitivity,...
Specialised Imaging
Beam-Shaping Optics
AdlOptica Optical Systems has introduced the piShaper 6-6 2.05, piShaper 6-6 1.9-2.8, and piShaper 6-7 4.4-4.8 to its series of beam-shaping optics for the mid-IR spectrum (2-8 µm). ...
AdlOptica GmbH
Diode Drivers
With the Cool & Control diode driver modules by Alphanov, single- and multimode diodes can be driven securely with compact devices. The single-mode Cool & Control module is compatible with...
Microreactor, MS System
The HAPR0088 CATLAB integrated microreactor and mass spectrometer system from Hiden Analytical provides quantification of catalytic activity and thermal reaction processes in both R&D and QC...
Hiden Analytical Ltd.
Acousto-Optic Modulators
A range of visible wavelength fiber coupled acousto-optic modulators from Gooch & Housego offer performance in microscopy and instrumentation applications. The devices demonstrate high...
Gooch & Housego (UK) Ltd.
Hyperspectral Imager
Designed with high spectral resolution, the aisaIBIS hyperspectral imager from Specim measures the fluorescence of plants to analyze health and vitality from photosynthetic activity. Built...
Spectral Imaging Ltd. (SPECIM)
Diode Lasers
With a standardized compact form factor and wide wavelength range, the MLD 06-01 compact diode laser series from Cobolt exhibits higher power than its predecessors. At 473 nm up to 140 mW;...
Cobolt AB
Diode Laser Systems
A new enhanced range of diode laser systems from Lumics GmbH is designed for light material processing in industrial applications, such as plastic welding, laser soft soldering, thin-sheet metal...
Lumics GmbH
Laser Diode Driver
A high-power laser diode driver, the Intensify Nx50 from Granite Devices has parallel connection capability for the OEM market. The device can scale up continuous and pulsed output current...
Granite Devices Oy
NIR Analyzer
The DA 7250 SD NIR analyzer from Perten Instruments is optimized to evaluate any food type accurately and in 6 seconds, the company says. Based on advanced diode array NIR technology, the at-line...
Perten Instruments North America
USB 3.0 sCMOS Cameras
USB 3.0 camera platform by Andor Technology Ltd. operates at up to 53 fps from a 4.2-megapixel array, offering low read noise and a wide dynamic range. The high-bandwidth plug-and-play USB 3.0...
Andor Technology plc, Corporate Headquarters

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