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EuroPhotonics: December 2010

See the Seitz as You’ve Never Seen Them Before
It’s your first visit to the Grand Canyon, the Taj Mahal or some equally breathtaking location. You take numerous photographs in an attempt to capture the awe you felt the first time you saw...
Jean-Piere Luevano, !%Dalsa Corp.%!
Dutch Photonics Strives for Smaller, Faster and Cheaper
Located in North-West Europe and bordering the North Sea, Belgium and Germany, the Netherlands is well positioned as a key trading center. It has excellent transport links, including Schiphol...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,

EuroPhotonics Grows with Industry
In this issue, we present both a look back at growth in the European photonics industry in the past year and a look ahead to EuroPhotonics coverage in 2011. We are pleased to present a feature on growth in the Netherlands’ industry, where approximately 200 photonics companies together generate an annual turnover of €5.5 billion ($7.7 billion). Growth is driven by two...
Karen A. Newman

Autonomous cars to “green” up the streets
In no more than 30 years, possessing a driver’s license may become passé, according to automotive engineers and computer scientists at Free University of Berlin. Instead, unmanned vehicles will come to you at the press of a smartphone button and take you where you need to go, whether to the boutiques via uncluttered avenues or to distant cities and towns via country roads and major...
Lynn, Savage,
CCTV technology to foil terrorism
In recent history, unattended luggage at airports, railway stations, trade fairs and other public places has become synonymous with terrorism. On many occasions, abandoned suitcases containing...
Margaret W. Bushee, margaret.bushee@
New CMOS image sensor is useful in extreme temperatures
A CMOS image sensor that can withstand temperatures ranging from —40 to 115 °C – making it perfectly suited for harsh industrial environments – has been developed by researchers...
Dr. Jörg Schwartz,

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