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EuroPhotonics: December 2014

Printed Optics Usher in New Era of Manufacturing
Additive manufacturing techniques are set to revolutionize fabrication and integration of optical products for a variety of applications, from lighting to imaging and beyond. Additive manufacturing techniques are creating a new awakening in optics and photonics, and two factors that will expand this reawakening are digital computing and a new fabrication method for functional optics. ...
Jyrki Saarinen, University of Eastern Finland, and Richard Van De Vrie, Luxexcel
Nanotube-Based Solar Cells Make More of the Sun
They’re cheaper, lighter, flexible and easy to dispose – it’s little wonder that carbon nanotubes are grabbing the attention of solar cell specialists in Europe and beyond. ...
Marie Freebody, Contributing Editor,
High-Speed Line-Scan Sensors Improve Spectroscopy
CMOS linear arrays allow the optical signal to be digitized directly on the chip, making the electronics design simpler, more cost-efficient and more robust. CMOS image sensors were attractive...
Martin Waeny, Awaiba CH SA

Celebrating Light
With the turn of the calendar page, the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies will be here. From the opening ceremonies in Paris in January to the final fireworks and light spectaculars when we prepare to ring in 2016, Europe will be center stage for the greatest celebration of light the photonics industry has ever experienced. You can see the list of exciting events to be held...
Karen A. Newman, Group Publisher,

Glass Lends Flexibility to Organic PVs
A new carrier substrate made from flexible, 100-µm-thin layers of glass better protects organic solar modules and could simplify their manufacture. A team from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research is developing methods for embedding organic solar modules in the flexible glass, which was developed by Corning Inc. Organic photovoltaics can be embedded in...

Collaboration Produces HSI Camera for Sensing Applications
A collaboration between microelectronics research institute IMEC and machine vision company Ximea has led to the development of a tiny hyperspectral camera with potential for various sensing applications. The new camera can be used on airborne drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). It combines hyperspectral imaging (HSI) and spectroscopy to distinguish between objects in the...
Engis Unveils New Polishing Process
Engis has developed a new process for polishing a variety of laser-grade optical surfaces. The process uses diamond slurry and composite polishing plates to polish surfaces made of zinc...
Spectroscopy Combo Ups Diagnostic Accuracy
A new spectroscopy technique can identify melanoma with as much as 93 percent accuracy. Discovered by a team from the Institute of Electronics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and...
Amplitude Acquires Continuum
The Amplitude group, maker of ultrafast lasers, has acquired Continuum of San Jose, Calif., from current owner GSI Group. The purchase price is roughly $7 million, according to a recent SEC filing...
2014 Faraday Medal Awarded to THz Researchers
Professors Giles Davies and Edmund Linfield, of the Leeds University School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, have won the 2014 Faraday Medal in recognition of nearly two decades of work on...
Hollow Core Protects Optical Fibers from UV Light
A new type of optical fiber can guide UV laser light without sustaining the damage often seen in conventional fibers. A microscopic image of a hollow core optical fiber. Courtesy of the...
Cobalt’s Raman Airport Scanner Wins MacRobert Award
Cobalt Light Systems has been recognized with the Royal Academy of Engineering’s MacRobert Award for its Insight100 airport scanner. The Insight100 uses a variant of Raman spectroscopy...
New Optical Component Enhances Augmented Reality Devices
A novel optical component could transform wearable augmented-reality and display devices. TruLife Optics Ltd. developed the component in conjunction with the National Physical Laboratory in...
Nanopixels Drive Flexible, Extremely Hi-Res Displays
Delving into the electrical and optical properties of phase-change materials has unveiled a new way to develop flexible, thin-film displays with extremely high resolution and low energy consumption. ...
Fluorescence Detects Alzheimer’s Indicators in the Eye
Two fluorescence imaging approaches can find traces of plaque associated with Alzheimer’s disease in the eye, presenting possible opportunities for early intervention. Two companies...
Image Processing Method Offers Enhanced Underwater Views
New image-enhancing software for cameras allows scientists to more easily observe details under water. A team from the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research and the Royal...
'Nearly Perfect' Crystals Could Advance Nano-Optoelectronics
Embedding “nearly perfect” semiconductor crystals in silicon nanowires solves a problem in the production of nano-optoelectronic components, according to a team of European...
Stemmer Imaging Reports 10% Growth, Names Subsidiary Director
Stemmer Imaging said it ended its last fiscal year June 30 with sales of € 63.4 million (about US$ 85 million), representing 10 percent growth over the previous year. Meanwhile, Peter...
Invest in Photonics: Big Industries Stepping Up Investments
Participation at Invest in Photonics 2014, a two-day international business partnering convention for business angels, VCs and corporate ventures, grew to 170 attendees this year, an increase of 13...
VI Systems Awarded VCSEL Patent
VI Systems GmbH has been awarded a U.S. patent for its vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL). Courtesy of VI Systems GmbH . The patent (U.S. No. 20130092896 A1) covers...

Screen Saver
Let’s face it: We spend a large portion of our day looking at screens. The jury is still out on whether that’s an entirely good or bad thing, but it is the reality of modern life. Our ever-evolving arsenal comprises cellphones, tablets, computers, televisions and cameras. And in some ways, the very characteristics that make them so appealing – their sleek glass touch screens...

Compact Zoom Lens
Offering extreme angles of view, the Compact Zoom CZ.2 15-30/T2.9 lens from Zeiss provides distortion-free images for motion pictures. The lens fulfills all requirements for motion picture...
Carl Zeiss AG, Camera Lenses
Telecentric Illuminators
New LED illuminators from Opto Engineering are designed to back-illuminate objects imaged by telecentric lenses in industrial settings. The LTCLHP series offers illumination stability with...
Opto Engineering srl
Board-Level Cameras
The new Dart board-level cameras by Basler AG deliver 1.2- to 5-megapixel resolution and frame rates of up to 54 fps. All models are available in three mount variants — S-mount,...
Basler AG
Industrial Cameras
The Go-5000 series of industrial area-scan cameras from JAI Group are built around a 5-MP CMOS imager. The cameras’ feature 5-µm square pixels and region-of-interest...
Mid-IR Spectrometer
The upgraded waveScan spectrometer by Angewandte Physik & Elektronik is designed for the mid-infrared range, from 1.5 to 6.3 µm. The high-resolution device offers spectral analysis...
A.P.E Angewandte Physik & Elektronik GmbH
High-Speed Camera
The EoSens 25CXP by Mikrotron is a compact 25-megapixel, high-speed CMOS camera for industrial imaging. The camera has a resolution of 5,120 × 5,120 pixels and a frame rate of 80 fps,...
Mikrotron GmbH
Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser
Featuring a compact footprint and convenient aiming beam, the SF2500/10 fiber-coupled laser system from Dilas has an output power of 2.5kW at 980 nm. The system is based on...
DILAS Diodenlaser GmbH
Solid-State Laser
Mozart from Tekhnoscan-Lab is a diode-pumped solid-state laser. Mozart is available in three version delivering 5, 6, and 7 W of single-frequency and single-mode CW radiation at 532 nm. The...
Tekhnoscan - Lab
Camera Interface
The Unity Board interface and software from Vreo Innovation controls the Sony FCB-MA130 miniature camera module. The USB 3.0 interface card supports the streaming of full-HD video with 30...
Framos GmbH
Slab Laser
The DC 060 CO2 Slab Laser from Rofin expands the company’s DC series with a cutting performance of 6 kW. The Rofin Control Unit enables extended monitoring and control function to...
THz Spectroscope
A new terahertz time-domain spectroscope from Menlo Systems GmbH provides up to 4.5-THz bandwidth and a signal-to-noise ratio up to 80 dB. The portable Tera K15 is designed for...
Menlo Systems GmbH
Fiber Optic Test Instruments
Yenista Optics has announced a new passive component tester and a series of tunable filters for fiber optic test and measurement applications. The CT400 passive component tester (pictured)...
Yenista Optics
Microscopy Software
Leica Application Suite X (LAS X) imaging software is designed for use with wide-field, confocal and superresolution microscope platforms. It offers new features for microscopic image...
Leica Microsystems GmbH
Portable OTDR
A new portable optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) from Yokogawa Test & Measurement delivers enable automatic characterization of optical fiber in the field. The AQ7280 is based on...
Yokogawa Europe BV
Aerial Camera Systems
New aerial camera systems from Phase One Industrial are suitable for creating orthophotographs and digital terrain and surface models for mapping. The new 80-megapixel, 60-megapixel and...
3-D Sensors
Automation Technology offers the new C5 series of 3-D sensors for industrial applications. The series applies the laser-triangulation principle for the scanning of objects, and features an...
AT - Automation Technology GmbH

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