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Brontes Colorimeter

For Industrial Color-Measurement Applications

HEERLEN, Netherlands, Sept. 14, 2007 -- Admesy (Advanced Measurement Systems) BV said its new Brontes, a high-speed, high-precision colorimeter, was made primarily for measuring colors and luminance in industrial applications.

The Brontes colorimeter has been designed to operate in areas where color consistancy is extremely important and where long-term stability should be guaranteed without the need for periodic calibrations. Colors are measured according to the human eye (CIE1931) and numerous color spaces are supported.

AdmesyBrontesColorimeter.jpgDue to its compact size, it can be integrated very easily in production environments and the user-friendly interfacing makes it ideal for engineers to get a quick start in a laboratory environment, the company said. The colorimeter performs measurements via a PC (also embedded) or in stand-alone mode. It is complaint with the USBTMC standard.

The Brontes measures chromaticity, flicker, contrast and luminance directly or through fiber optics of products such as: LCD displays (mobile phones, PDAs, monitors etc.), LEDs, plasma screens, liquids and plastics. The instrument measures luminance (Y) up to 10,000 samples each second and color (XYZ) up to 4000 each second. This makes it an ideal solution for applications where speed is of the essence, such as mass production, Admesy said.

The colorimeter has a large number of mounting methods, making stable mounting easy. Stable mounting is a must in order to get accurate and repeatable measurement results in any situation (production and laboratory). The colorimeter is directly supported in Labview/Labwindows/Visual Studio via VISA library, the company said.

Several application notes are available on how to measure flicker (JEITA and contrast method), contrast, chromaticity and how to do white-point balancing with the Brontes. Interfaces are available for: USB/I2C/RS232/GPIO. A stand-alone mode is also possible; the Brontes can be preprogrammed to make a trigger-initiated Go/No Go selection or a selection into different classes.

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