FRAMOS Enlists RidgeRun to Boost Software Strength

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MUNICH, Germany, March 7, 2024 — Industrial imaging company FRAMOS has established a strategic partnership with RidgeRun, a developer of embedded software for systems on chips. FRAMOS expects the collaboration to boost integration efficiency between hardware and software components, which would enable optimized performance and quicker time to market for imaging applications such as automotive, industrial automation, and consumer electronics.

According to RidgeRun’s website, the company provides custom software development services and packaged software to reduce development time and simplify engineering of embedded software. RidgeRun provides application deployment and optimization, computer vision algorithms, AI model architecture, and Linux driver development.

Published: March 2024
machine vision
Machine vision, also known as computer vision or computer sight, refers to the technology that enables machines, typically computers, to interpret and understand visual information from the world, much like the human visual system. It involves the development and application of algorithms and systems that allow machines to acquire, process, analyze, and make decisions based on visual data. Key aspects of machine vision include: Image acquisition: Machine vision systems use various...
machine learning
Machine learning (ML) is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on the development of algorithms and statistical models that enable computers to improve their performance on a specific task through experience or training. Instead of being explicitly programmed to perform a task, a machine learning system learns from data and examples. The primary goal of machine learning is to develop models that can generalize patterns from data and make predictions or decisions without being...
system on chip
Abbreviated SoC. A single chip containing all the electronic circuits required for a complete, working product. SoCs are similar to microcontroller technology but provide additional components. A SoC for a smartphone can include graphics, audio, video and camera processing in addition to all the microcontroller circuit. By compacting more electronic circuits onto one chip, miniaturizing and creating power efficient technology becomes feasible.
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