SiLC Receives $25M to Develop Machine Vision for AI

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SiLC Technologies Inc. has secured $25 million in funding to expand production to support designs for its Eyeonic vision solutions. The additional funding also supports continued product development, to enable the company to pursue further application deployments in mobility, robotics, smart cameras, security, and other markets.

The funding comes on the heels of SiLC’s introduction of four versions of its frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) lidar-based Eyeonic Vision System last month. The system uses AI in conjunction with machine vision for vision detection capabilities that span from short distances to over 1 km. In August, SiLC and indie Semiconductor partnered to integrate indie’s Surya system on a chip and SiLC’s Eyeonic Vision Sensor to enable coherent detection-based lidar platforms for next-generation sensing applications, including driver assistance, autonomous mobility, robotics, and industrial automation.

The funding takes SiLC’s raised total to $56 million, from both its seed and series A rounds. New investors in the round included Hokuyo Automatic, Hankook & Co., and ROHM Semiconductor. Existing investors include Epson, Sony, and Dell Technologies Capital.


Published: November 2023
machine vision
Interpretation of an image of an object or scene through the use of optical noncontact sensing mechanisms for the purpose of obtaining information and/or controlling machines or processes.
artificial intelligence
The ability of a machine to perform certain complex functions normally associated with human intelligence, such as judgment, pattern recognition, understanding, learning, planning, and problem solving.
An acronym of light detection and ranging, describing systems that use a light beam in place of conventional microwave beams for atmospheric monitoring, tracking and detection functions. Ladar, an acronym of laser detection and ranging, uses laser light for detection of speed, altitude, direction and range; it is often called laser radar.
The processes in which luminous energy incident on the eye is perceived and evaluated.
fmcw lidar
FMCW Lidar stands for frequency-modulated continuous wave lidar. It is a type of lidar (light detection and ranging) technology used for remote sensing, distance measurement, and 3D mapping. FMCW Lidar operates on the principle of sending out laser beams that are modulated in frequency and measuring the time it takes for the reflected light to return to the sensor. Here's how it works: Frequency modulation: FMCW Lidar emits laser beams with a continuously changing frequency. The laser...
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