The Pandemic Is Driving Innovative Microfluidic Disease Detection

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Systems that use photonics to monitor the flow of liquid when assessing health can now capture a whole host of features quickly, accurately, and with increasing mobility.


As medicine and the monitoring of health have advanced into the modern era, researchers and clinicians have sought to capture an ever-increasing number of the biomarkers that are carried in biofluids, especially in biofluids such as blood and saliva that are present in living beings. Microfluidic systems establish a sterile environment in which to collect this information. Optofluidic components — including light sources, such as lasers and LEDs, detectors, lenses, and switches — have enabled these systems to reveal biomarkers that are essential to plotting a course for effective...Read full article

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    Published: January 2022
    Photolithography is a key process in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). It is a photomechanical process used to transfer geometric patterns from a photomask or reticle to a photosensitive chemical photoresist on a substrate, typically a silicon wafer. The basic steps of photolithography include: Cleaning the Substrate: The substrate, often a silicon wafer, is cleaned to remove any contaminants from its surface. ...
    gaussian beam
    A beam of light whose electrical field amplitude distribution is Gaussian. When such a beam is circular in cross section, the amplitude is E(r) = E(0) exp [-(r/w)2], where r is the distance from beam center and w is the radius at which the amplitude is 1/e of its value on the axis; w is called the beamwidth.
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