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Evanescent Optics Inc.

Map3325 North Service Rd. Unit 109
Burlington, ON L7N 3G2
Phone: +1 905-336-2626
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Polarization Maintaining Couplers

Evanescent Optics Inc. offers low loss (<0.1dB), high isolation (<-25dB) PM fiber-optic couplers in both fixed ratio and variable models. Our small footprint couplers, splitter/combiners and other components can be configured as NxM port, splice free coupler arrays and as custom assemblies fabricated for high ER and low loss. Operating wavelengths of 488nm to 2um and custom pigtail lengths available.

Evanescent Optics PM Couplers NxM Arrays, WDMs, Taps, Polarization Splitters, Variable Couplers
  • loss (<0.1dB excess loss, -70dB typical return loss)
  • High isolation (-22db to >-30dB, typical -25dB)
  • High power-handling (approaching that of the fiber itself)
  • Wavelengths of 0.488 to 2 microns
  • Zero PDL Coupling Ratio the same on fast and slow axis
  • Any ratio possible, as well as Variable-ratio model
  • Available in cascaded arrays, splice free
Our manufacturing techniques allow multiple coupler halves to be produced along a single fiber so that splices are not required for many applications. Cross coupling of polarization modes in the fast and slow axes in PM fiber components (ER) is a major cause of performance deterioration using coherent lasers and can be minimized by eliminating the contribution of splices.

Evanescent Optics' products Other products include piezoelectric fiber stretchers, electronic and optoelectronic controllers and non-contact linear displacement metrology - PD-1001.

Applications are varied and include laser light delivery systems, interferometers, amplifiers, quantum optics, magneto optical trapping, fiber gyros, polarization diversity receivers and laser radar.

Evanescent Optics Inc. acquired the assets and employee group of Canadian Instrumentation & Research Ltd. in August 2009 and continues production and development of the suite of fiber optic components and interferometric sensors from our new Burlington location. The evanescent wave technology essentially pioneered at Stanford by Professor Shaw et. al. was built on and expanded by the development and patenting of a method for optical contact of polished fibers. This allowed the assembly of couplers without any interleaving layer of index matching adhesive or oil and resulted in the high quality devices currently manufactured. Splice free arrays and interferometers can be fabricated as coupler halves and can be made on a continuous length of fiber.

Development and manufacturing of fiber optic components and fiber optic sensors has been ongoing since the early 1980's, resulting in the range of polarization maintaining and polarization preserving devices. Custom precision mechanical devices and electronic control systems are also a significant part of company history and continue with the current work of EOI.
Established: 1975
Employees: 18
Facility area (sq ft): 6000
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Trevor Smolenaars, President
Renee Boutilier, R&D Mgr.
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