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We develop and offer fast physical-optics software for optical systems which comprise macro-, micro-, and nano-structured components. By connecting a variety of propagation techniques, LightTrans provides physical optics modeling with high speed which enables the analysis and design of optical systems beyond ray tracing. 

Our products and services also include online training, optical engineering, and consulting.

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Fast Physical Optics Software: VirtualLab Fusion

VirtualLab Fusion provides a platform for connecting inbuilt and customized electromagnetic field solvers. This approach enables fast physical optics with ray tracing embedded in a well-defined way. Many different fields of application benefit from the fast physical optics paradigm brought to you by VirtualLab Fusion: take full account of physical-optics effects like diffraction, interference, coherence, and polarization in your modelling and design of AR & VR lightguide glasses, microscopy and interferometric setups, diffractive and metalenses, gratings (stand-alone or as a part of a more complex system), and many more!

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Cross-Platform Simulation

VirtualLab Fusion can run in batch mode and thus enable cross-platform simulations when used alongside other software tools, like Matlab and Python.

Release 2023.1

Version 2023.1 provides many new features and technologies which enable solutions of more applications. It comprises further developments of the field tracing technology and new components, sources, and detectors. With each new version we try to simplify the usage of the modeling features. The seamless transition from a full physical optics modeling to a ray optical modeling is one of the amazing features of VirtualLab Fusion. Find more information here.

Optical Engineering Services

We realize the ideas and wishes of our customers. Our optical engineers give you comprehensive consulting and implement customized projects according to your requests, including optional fabrication carried out together with our partners.

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Established: 1999
Employees: 22
Ownership type: Privately Owned
Frank Wyrowski, President
Diana Apelt, Chief Sales Officer

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