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Franklin, MA 02038
United States
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Enabling the Technologies that Transform our World

Newport, a brand within the MKS Instruments Photonics Solutions division, is more than a provider of great optical components for analytical instrumentation, we are a partner who can provide the spectral analysis solutions you need to solve the most complex measurement challenges. For over 75 years, we’ve delivered millions of optical components supporting analytical instruments and applications in a variety of markets including spectroscopy, color measurement, medical and diagnostic instrumentation, microscopy, environmental monitoring, and food and beverage analysis. The Newport product portfolio consists of a full range of solutions including precision motion control and vibration isolation system to opto-mechanical components. Beyond our catalog portfolio, we specialize in the design and production of custom optical solutions for diffraction gratings, optical filters, precision mirrors and vertical integration of our optical components into optical sub-assemblies. Newport provides a wide range of photonics technologies, products and capabilities designed to enhance the productivity of our customers' applications.

MKS Plano gratingDiffraction Gratings 
The Newport brand enables continuous spectral analysis through ruled & holographic master grating capabilities and high-fidelity replication processes.
MKS OCB Filter Family
Optical Filters
The Newport brand enables discrete spectral analysis through customized optical filter designs resulting in high system throughput and excellent wavelength consistency. MKS Mirrors Replicated Mirrors
The Newport brand offers lighter, more thermally stable, and more rigid mirror surfaces facilitating ease of assembly and alignment.

MKS opto flashPrecision Optical Solutions
Newport vertically integrates its world-class optics into build-to-specification or build-to-print optical sub-assemblies.
Optical Filters | Replicated Mirrors

8 E Forge Pkwy.
Franklin, MA 02038
United States

Established: 1967
Facility area (sq ft): 60,000
Diffraction Gratings

705 St. Paul St.
Rochester, NY 14605
United States

Established: 1947
Facility area (sq ft): 70,000
Optics Warehouse | Precision Solutions

1791 Deere Ave.
Irvine, CA 92606
United States

Established: 1969
Facility area (sq ft): 400,000
Established: 1967
Employees: 100
Ownership type: Publicly Traded Stock

Company News
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Introducing Newport Freeform Replicated Mirrors for Complex Optical Systems

MKS Newport: Engineering Component, Design and Assembly Solutions

Precision Optics Solutions: Custom Engineered & Manufactured OEM Solutions

Newport’s OptoFlash® Multichannel Spectrometer Engine - Measuring Spectral Data in a Flash
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