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Aspheric Mirrors

An aspheric mirror is an optical mirror surface that deviates from the shape of a perfect sphere, having a non-spherical surface profile. Unlike traditional spherical mirrors, which have a curved surface defined by a single radius of curvature, aspheric mirrors are designed with varying curvatures across their surface to correct aberrations and improve optical performance. Learn more about aspheric mirrors →

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Spectrum Scientific Inc. (SSI)
Spectrum Scientific Inc. (SSI) - Irvine, CA
Spectrum Scientific, Inc. (SSI) is a high volume manufacturer of aspheric and freeform mirrors, hollow retroreflectors, and holographic diffraction gratings. Our optical replication process allows us to supply high fidelity, highly repeatable precision optics.
Stock ManufacturerCustom Manufacturer
Vertex Optics Inc.
Vertex Optics Inc. - Victor, NY
Manufacturer of precision optics from prototypes to low volume quantities for the medical, defense, semiconductor, aerospace, transportation, and many other industries. Specializes in larger optics (15 to 650 mm) and works with a wide range of difficult shapes and materials. Meets precision optics needs, on time, and within budget requirements.
Custom Manufacturer
Zygo Corporation
Zygo Corporation - Middlefield, CT
Specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced optical metrology instruments and systems, ultraprecise optical components and assemblies, and providing electro-optical design and manufacturing services.
Custom Manufacturer
Aperture Optical Sciences Inc.
Aperture Optical Sciences Inc. - Meriden, CT
Design and manufacture of satellite telescopes, aspheric mirrors, SiC optics, optics, and optical systems for high-energy lasers. Provides large aperture integrated mounts, beam expanders, beam steering mirrors, and telescopes. Optics are deployed in aerospace, directed energy, HEL research, and remote sensing applications.
Custom Manufacturer
G&H | GS Optics
G&H | GS Optics - Rochester, NY
G&H | GS Optics specializes in the custom design and manufacture of precision polymer optics for use in the biomedical, healthcare diagnostics, machine vision, and analytical instrument markets, as well as military and civilian night-vision and visible-range sighting applications.
Custom Manufacturer
Shanghai Optics Inc.
Shanghai Optics Inc. - Metuchen, NJ
Manufacturer of advanced optical components and optical assemblies. Offers custom optics manufacturing and custom optical design and engineering services. A top lens manufacturer specializing in coated optics, thin-film coatings, custom lens assembly and delivering cost-effective custom optical solutions.
Custom Manufacturer
SORL/Space Optics Research Labs LLC
SORL/Space Optics Research Labs LLC - Merrimack, NH
Manufactures stock and custom off-axis parabolic mirrors. Flat, spherical, and aspheric mirrors in ceramic, glass and metal, precision mirror mounts; reflective beam expanders, collimators, FLIR test stations, lidar telescopes; Fourier transform systems, IR lens assemblies and a LUPI-IIA interferometer. Engineering, design, and field services.
Stock ManufacturerCustom Manufacturer
Isuzu Glass Inc.
Isuzu Glass Inc. - Torrance, CA
Manufacture and designer of integrated lens arrays, microlens arrays, aspheric lenses, and condenser lenses by glass molding. Melting heat-absorbing and laser protection glass; and UV absorbing filters, ND filters, and color glass filters. Provides optical design and assembly services.
Custom Manufacturer
Hyperion Optics USA
Hyperion Optics USA - Edison, NJ
Hyperion Optics offers custom optical solutions from UV-VIS-IR with optomechanical engineering expertise. We are known for our DFM-driven approach and flexibility for R&D projects. Our capabilities include precision diamond turning, conventional polishing, custom coatings, and precision assembly backed by metrology.
Custom Manufacturer
Inrad Optics Inc.
Inrad Optics Inc. - Northvale, NJ
Inrad Optics is a vertically integrated manufacturer specializing in glass, crystal, and metal based optical components and assemblies. Manufacturing capabilities include precision optical surfacing, precision diamond turning, large substrate handling, optical contacting processes, thin film coatings, and high resolution in-process metrology.
Custom Manufacturer
MKS/Newport - Franklin, MA
MKS/Newport designs and manufactures high performance optical filters and replicated mirrors in the UV, VIS, and NIR. Filters include bandpass, dichroic, edge, fluorescence, neutral density, and notch filters, as well as optomechanical and electro-optical assemblies based on filter technology. Mirrors include retroreflector, aspheric, and spherical.
Custom Manufacturer
Optics & Allied Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Optics & Allied Engineering Pvt. Ltd. - Bangalore, India
Manufacturer of diamond-turned IR optics, metal mirrors, Ge/Si aspheric and diffractive optics, parabolic and off-axis mirrors, lenses, prisms, wedges, windows, laser optics, thin-film coatings, beamsplitters, filters, polymer imaging optics, large-size windows/mirrors, optomechanical assemblies, mounts.
Custom Manufacturer
Archer OpTx Inc. - Rockwall, TX
Ayase America Inc. - Walnut Creek, CA
B-Con Engineering Inc. - Nepean, Canada
Channel Islands Opto-Mechanical Engineering Inc. - Ventura, CA
CMM Optic - Troy, MI
Creator Optics Inc. - Nanjing, China
J.R. Cumberland Inc. - Marlow Heights, MD
Hardric Laboratories Inc. - Hudson, NH
Hellma USA Inc. - Plainview, NY
Janos Technology LLC - Keene, NH
Jenoptik Optical Systems LLC - Jupiter, FL
JENOPTIK Optical Systems LLC, Advanced Photonic Solutions - Huntsville, AL
JENOPTIK Optical Systems LLC, Advanced Photonic Solutions - Fremont, CA
Kugler GmbH - Salem, Germany
LAYERTEC GmbH - Mellingen, Germany
LBP Optics Ltd. - Biggleswade, United Kingdom
LT Ultra-Precision Technology GmbH - Herdwangen-Schoenach, Germany
R. Mathews Optical Works Inc. - Poulsbo, WA
Millpond ApS - Farum, Denmark
Moulded Optics GmbH - Schoeffengrund, Germany
Naked Optics Corp. - Nokomis, FL
Nu-Tek Precision Optical Corp. - Aberdeen, MD
Omni Optical Products Inc. - Yorba Linda, CA
Opteon Oy - Piikkio, Finland
Optical Surfaces Ltd. - Kenley, United Kingdom
PIKE Technologies Inc. - Madison, WI
QED Optics - Rochester, NY
QED Technologies Inc. - Rochester, NY
Rayleigh Optical Corp. - Hanover, MD
SPACEOPTIX GmbH - Jena, Germany
Star Instruments - Newnan, GA
Success Infrared - Shanghai, China
Sumipro BV - Almelo, Netherlands
  • aspheric mirror An aspheric mirror is an optical mirror surface that deviates from the shape of a perfect sphere, having a non-spherical surface profile. Unlike traditional spherical mirrors, which have a curved surface defined by a single radius of curvature,...
  • aspheric Not spherical; an optical element having one or more surfaces that are not spherical. The spherical surface of a lens may be slightly altered so as to reduce spherical aberration. Aspheric surfaces are frequently, but not necessarily, surfaces of...
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