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Quad- 4-channel PbSe Detector w/ Filters: B1-5(M)-4 / B1-6C2T(M)-4

  • Company: Infrared Materials Inc.
  • Type: IR
  • Light Spectrum: SWIR, MWIR
  • Dark Resistance-cooled model: 2.5 M Ohm typ
  • Responsivity: 4x10^4 V/W min
  • D*: 1.4 × 10^10 cm Hz^.5W^-1 min
  • Delta T for TEC: 50 °C
  • Wavelength -peak signal: 4.5 µm

This PbSe Detector offers 4 Discrete Channels in a Single Package and is used in Multiple Gas/Material Measurements.

Quad detector offering:
Non-Cooled Model: B1-5(M)-4
Cooled Model: B1-6C2T(M)-4
1-Stage Cooled 4-Element Co-Planar Assembly: Four (4) 1×1mm PbSe detectors mounted on a 1-Stage 3W TE cooler with an uncalibrated 1.2 Kohm thermistor, in a 10-pin TO-66 package w/ a sapphire window and an integral filter array. Filter holder to feature one (1) each spectral filter to customer specified center wavelengths (CWL's).
Example: (M)= Customer specified filters: CWL 3.35 um (CH4 - Methane),CWL's 3.95 um (Reference), 4.26 um (CO2 - Carbon Dioxide), and 4.68 um (CO - Carbon Monoxide).

Less Optical Components / Reduce Costs & Simplify Design / Ideal for Portable Instruments
Quad- 4-channel PbSe Detector w/ Filters: B1-5(M)-4 / B1-6C2T(M)-4

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