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DARC Glass

DARC Glass uses an internal absorption matrix to control the visibility of the light and images that pass through it. Observers within the specified viewing angle see a bright, clear image; outside the viewing angle the image is completely black. DARC Glass provides a highly customizable method to control visibility, privacy, and reflections of LCD displays. With our Normal DARC Glass, the viewing cone is defined by a specified viewing angle and is uniform across the entire surface of the glass. The viewing angle is fully customizable and the viewing cone can be angled in any direction relative to the surface of the glass.

With our Directed DARC Glass, it may be necessary in applications utilizing very wide/tall displays and requiring a narrow viewing cone. In this situation, DARC Glass Normal may restrict the ability of the viewer to see the entire display because they may be outside the viewing cone of the far ends of the display. DARC Glass Directed solves this issue with enhanced control. An advanced manufacturing process is used to achieve non-uniform viewing cones across the surface of the glass. In other words, the viewing cone for every point on the glass is angled and directed to a defined viewing point. The location and size of the viewing area is fully customizable.
DARC Glass

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