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Large, Rectangular Photodiode - AXUV300C

  • Company: Opto Diode Corporation
  • Type: Photodiodes
  • Sensor Width: 21.56
  • Sensor Height: 15.36
  • Light Spectrum: UV, VIS, NIR, Multispectral
  • Large, Square Photodiode: 331 mm²
  • Detection: Radiation, Electrons, Photons
  • Sensitivity: to low energy electrons
  • Breakdown Voltage: 5 V, min.; 25 V typical
  • Shunt Resistance: 5 MOhms, min.
  • Capacitance: 25 nF, typical.; 40 nF, max.

AXUV300C is a large, rectangular photodiode for electron detection, exhibiting response to electron energy levels as low as 200 eV.

Features a response time of 15 µsec.

No window to allow detection of energy shorter than 200 nm.
Large, Rectangular Photodiode - AXUV300C

Opto Diode Corporation
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United States
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