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Aixtron SE - Herzogenrath, Germany
Applied Test Systems (ATS) - Butler, PA
Charles Supper Co. Inc. - Westborough, MA
ECM USA Inc., ECM Greentech Cyberstar - Pleasant Prairie, WI
FabExchange - Fremont, CA
GTI Technologies Inc. - Shelton, CT
JST Manufacturing Inc. - Boise, ID
Oxy-Gon Industries Inc. - Epsom, NH
Quantum Design Inc. - San Diego, CA
Thermcraft Inc. - Winston-Salem, NC
Zircar Ceramics Inc. - Florida, NY
  • wafer In the context of electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, a wafer refers to a thin, flat disk or substrate made of a semiconducting material, usually crystalline silicon. Wafers serve as the foundation for the fabrication of integrated circuits...
  • semiconductor A semiconductor is a type of material that has electrical conductivity between that of a conductor and an insulator. In other words, semiconductors have properties that are intermediate between metals (good conductors of electricity) and insulators...
  • epitaxial equipment Epitaxial equipment refers to a set of specialized tools and systems used in the process of epitaxy, which is the growth of crystalline layers on a substrate material. Epitaxial growth is a critical process in semiconductor manufacturing, allowing...
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