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Fiber Lasers

A fiber laser is a type of laser in which the active gain medium is an optical fiber doped with rare-earth ions such as erbium, ytterbium, or neodymium. Fiber lasers generate coherent light through the process of stimulated emission, where photons are emitted in phase with an external input signal, resulting in amplified and coherent light output. Learn more about fiber lasers →

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IPG Photonics Corporation
IPG Photonics Corporation - Oxford, MA
Specializes in high-performance fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers operating over a wide range of wavelengths and output powers. Applications include materials processing, telecommunications, and scientific research.
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Micro Laser Systems Inc.
Micro Laser Systems Inc. - Garden Grove, CA
Manufacturer of free-space and fiber-coupled lasers with diffraction limited performance. Lasers from 350 to 2000 nm have accessories for expanding or focusing the beam, fiber collimators, fiber focusers, tiny collimators and splitters to integrate with the pigtailed lasers. Custom assemblies for OEM users are routinely made.
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LumIR Lasers
LumIR Lasers - Quebec, Canada
Offers mid-infrared fiber lasers for aesthetics, medical, and material processing applications. High brightness and specific control of the power in a maintenance-free architecture.
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RPMC Lasers Inc.
RPMC Lasers Inc. - O'Fallon, MO
RPMC Lasers likely has the solution you're looking for: from components, to OEM modules, to turnkey systems, from manufacturers, primarily in the US and Europe. Since 1996, we have been providing honest advice, committed to helping you find the ideal laser solution. If we don't have it, we'll tell you who does.
Lumispot Tech
Lumispot Tech - Wuxi, China
Specializes in laser information application fields. Products cover semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, solid-state lasers and related laser application systems. Offers customized products and production services.
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DK Photonics Technology Limited
DK Photonics Technology Limited - Shenzhen, China
Manufacturer of high quality optical passive components. DK Photonics produces a large array of fiber optic components such as 1064 nm high power isolator, MM pump combiner, pump laser protector, used for high power fiber laser applications. Also offers PM fiber pump combiner for ultrafast fiber laser applications.
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PhotoniCore Technologies
PhotoniCore Technologies - Tainan, Taiwan
Designs and manufactures side pump combiners for fiber laser engines. Specializes in OEM/ODM customized products for the fiber laser and space laser communication industries.
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CSRayzer Optical Technology Co. Ltd.
CSRayzer Optical Technology Co. Ltd. - Wuhan, China
Optical devices supplier and manufacturer of acousto-optic modulators, acousto-optic frequency shifter, avalanche photodiodes, fiber coil and ASE source, couplers, isolator, circulator, FRM, WDM, narrow linewidth laser diode, semiconductor optical amplifier, EDFA, used for for fiber laser, sensor systems, and FOG.
ACI Laser GmbH - Nohra, Germany
Active Fiber Systems GmbH - Jena, Germany
AdValue Photonics Inc. - Tucson, AZ
ALLTEC Angewandte Laserlicht Technologie GmbH, FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving - Selmsdorf, Germany
Alnair Labs Corp. - Tokyo, Japan
Amonics Ltd. - Kowloon, China
Applied Laser Engineering Ltd. - Hersham, United Kingdom
Atseva LLC - Fort Collins, CO
Azurlight Systems - Pessac, France
BKtel photonics - Lannion, France
Calmar Laser - Palo Alto, CA
Cincinnati Inc. - Harrison, OH
Civan Lasers - Jerusalem, Israel
Clark-MXR Inc. - Dexter, MI
Convergent Photonics - Chicopee, MA
Coractive - Quebec, Canada
Cybel LLC - Bethlehem, PA
Datalogic Srl, Laser Marking - Bologna, Italy
Evolase Oy - Ruokolahti, Finland
FANUC America Corp. - Rochester Hills, MI
Femtum - Quebec, Canada
FIBERPRO Inc. - Daejeon, South Korea
Fluence sp. z o.o. - Warsaw, Poland
Futonics Laser GmbH - Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany
FYLA LASER SL - Valencia, Spain
GCC America Inc. - Walnut, CA
GMP SA - Renens, Switzerland
GWU-Lasertechnik GmbH - Erftstadt, Germany
HaphiT GmbH - Essen, Germany
HUBNER Photonics GmbH - Kassel, Germany
IDIL Fibres Optiques - Lannion, France
iKier - Shenzhen, China
IMRA America Inc. - Ann Arbor, MI
Irisiome Solutions - Pessac, France
ITF Technologies - Montreal, Canada
Japan Laser Corp. - Tokyo, Japan
Keopsys by Lumibird - Lannion, France
Kimmon Koha USA Inc. - Lakeside, MT
Lambda Photometrics Ltd. - Harpenden, United Kingdom
Laser 2000 GmbH - Wessling, Germany
Laser Lines Ltd. - Banbury, United Kingdom
Laserax - Quebec, Canada

  • fiber laser A fiber laser is a type of laser in which the active gain medium is an optical fiber doped with rare-earth ions such as erbium, ytterbium, or neodymium. Fiber lasers generate coherent light through the process of stimulated emission, where photons...
  • excimer laser An excimer laser is a type of ultraviolet laser that emits short pulses of light in the ultraviolet spectrum. The term excimer is derived from excited dimer, reflecting the nature of the gain medium used in these lasers. Excimer lasers are widely...
  • double-clad fiber Double-clad fiber (DCF) is a specialized optical fiber that features two concentric cladding layers surrounding a core. The design of double-clad fibers allows them to be used in various applications, particularly in the field of fiber optics for...
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