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Line-Scan Cameras

A line-scan camera is a type of digital camera designed to capture images one line or row of pixels at a time, rather than a full two-dimensional frame in a single exposure. Learn more about line-scan cameras →

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Baumer Ltd.
Baumer Ltd. - Bristol, CT
Manufacturer of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments, and components for automated image processing.
Custom Manufacturer
3 products
Chromasens GmbH
Chromasens GmbH - Konstanz, Germany
Manufactures line-scan cameras and LED line illuminations including high-resolution stereo cameras for 3D inspection and multispectral cameras for color applications. Also customized imaging capture systems for a wide range of 2D and 3D applications in print, automotive, semiconductor, and food industries. ISO 9001:2015 certified.
Stock ManufacturerCustom ManufacturerDesigner
4 products
Sensors Unlimited Inc.
Sensors Unlimited Inc. - Princeton, NJ
Sensors Unlimited is a supplier of InGaAs technology, products, and shortwave-infrared imaging solutions. Products built on our InGaAs platforms are SWIR 2D area cameras, 1D line-scan cameras, and linear photodiode arrays.
Stock Manufacturer
10 products
Hamamatsu Corporation
Hamamatsu Corporation - Bridgewater, NJ
Importer and distributor of photonics components and subsystems for use in instrumentation. Products include photomultiplier tubes, solid-state photodetectors, IR detectors, image sensors, scientific cameras, light sources, and x-ray solutions.
Stock Manufacturer
18 products
Emergent Vision Technologies Inc.
Emergent Vision Technologies Inc. - Port Coquitlam, Canada
Emergent Vision Technologies was founded in 2007 in Vancouver, Canada. We are the first providers of cameras based on the 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE), 25 Gigabit Ethernet (25GigE), 50 Gigabit Ethernet (50GigE), and 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GigE) interfaces.
Stock ManufacturerCustom Manufacturer
12 products
EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH
EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH - Raaba, Austria
Industrial imaging and data processing company offering sensor-based, real-time solutions for sorting, monitoring, and inspection applications in the recycling, mining, and food processing industries. Core expertise is the classification and analysis of data using hyperspectral, inductive, and color sensor technologies.
Stock Manufacturer
3 products
Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd.
Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd. - Oulu, Finland
Specim is a pioneer and leading supplier of hyperspectral imaging solutions with the broadest camera portfolio covering wavelengths from VNIR to LWIR, spectrographs, software, and accessories. Our product's scalability allows customers to develop solutions with less technical skills and faster turnaround time. ISO 9001 certified.
Stock Manufacturer
9 products
Teledyne DALSA, Machine Vision OEM Components
Teledyne DALSA, Machine Vision OEM Components - Waterloo, Canada
Teledyne DALSA is a part of Teledyne's Vision Solutions group and a leader in the design, manufacture, and deployment of digital imaging components for machine vision. Teledyne DALSA image sensors, cameras, smart cameras, frame grabbers, software, and vision solutions are at the heart of thousands of inspection systems around the world.
Stock Manufacturer
11 products
1stVision Inc. - Andover, MA
Adept Turnkey Pty. Ltd. - Osborne Park, Australia
Alkeria srl - Cascina, Italy
Alrad Instruments Ltd. - Newbury, United Kingdom
BAP Image Systems LLC - Fort Worth, TX
Basler AG - Ahrensburg, Germany
Basler Inc., Exton - Exton, PA
Best Integration Technology Co. Ltd. - Hsinchu, Taiwan
Bock Optronics Inc. - Toronto, Canada
Cooper Vision Technologies Inc. - Greely, Canada
Daitron Inc., Industrial Components Group - Wilsonville, OR
Disc Inspection Technology Co. Ltd. - Hamamatsu, Japan
En'Urga Inc. - West Lafayette, IN
Entwicklungsbuero Stresing - Berlin, Germany
Envision Co. Ltd. - Seoul, South Korea
Focuz Manufacturing Co. Ltd. - Klongluang, Thailand
Graftek Imaging Inc. - Austin, TX
Hill Technical Sales Corp. - Palatine, IL
HySpex Inc. - Clinton, MA
i2S Be Visionary - Pessac, France
illunis LLC - Minnetonka, MN
Image Labs International - Belgrade, MT
IMAGO Technologies GmbH - Friedberg, Germany
Improvision Research - Berkeley, CA
JAI A/S - Copenhagen, Denmark
JAI Inc. - San Jose, CA
LLA Instruments GmbH - Berlin, Germany
Machine Vision Store - St. Paul, MN
Matrox Imaging - Dorval, Canada
Mightex Systems - Toronto, Canada
Motion Analysis Inc. - Eugene, OR
NED - Nippon Electro-Sensory Devices Corp. - Osaka, Japan
NET New Electronic Technology GmbH - Finning, Germany
New Infrared Technologies (NIT) - Madrid, Spain
NEXCOM - Fremont, CA
Omron Automation - Hoffman Estates, IL
Optec America - Torrance, CA
Phase 1 Technology Corp. - Deer Park, NY
Physimetrics Inc. - Roswell, GA
Rauscher GmbH - Olching, Germany
Schaefter + Kirchhoff, Optics, Metrology, Photonics - Hamburg, Germany
Sensor to Image - Schongau, Germany

  • camera A light-tight box that receives light from an object or scene and focuses it to form an image on a light-sensitive material or a detector. The camera generally contains a lens of variable aperture and a shutter of variable speed to precisely control...
  • high-speed movie camera A camera designed to record at rates exceeding 50 fps. For frame rates up to about 500 fps, an ordinary pull-down mechanism can be used. From 500 to 1000 fps, the film must be moved continuously, the image being made to move at the same speed as the...
  • line-scan camera A line-scan camera, also known as a line-scan image sensor or linear array camera, is a type of digital camera designed to capture images one line or row of pixels at a time, rather than a full two-dimensional frame in a single exposure. It is...
  • line scan Line scan refers to a method of capturing images or data by scanning a single line at a time, as opposed to capturing the entire image simultaneously. This technique is commonly used in various imaging and scanning applications where a continuous or...
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