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Aerotech Inc.
Aerotech Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA
Manufacturer of precision automation and motion control equipment ranging from component-level solutions (motors, drives, controllers, linear/rotary stages, gantries, piezos, and hexapods), custom-engineered motion subsystems and modules, and complete turnkey automation systems. We solve your toughest precision motion and automation challenges.
Stock Manufacturer
11 products
Siskiyou Corporation
Siskiyou Corporation - Grants Pass, OR
Designs and manufactures precision catalog and custom optomechanical components, motorized and manual translation stages and related assembly hardware for OEM laser manufacturers, measurement and assembly applications, and research applications in physics, optics, semiconductor materials, chemistry, and the life sciences.
Stock Manufacturer
1 product
Spawr Industries Inc., Optics Div.
Spawr Industries Inc., Optics Div. - Lake Havasu City, AZ
Designs and manufactures high power metal mirrors, passive and water-cooled copper, molybdenum tungsten, titanium, aluminum, and stainless-steel mirrors, metal mirror corner cubes, laser beam shaping systems, optical integrators, line image focusing modules, 100-plus-kW beam dumps, laser optics, small and large mirror mounts, and lightweight metal mirrors.
Custom Manufacturer
4 products
Aperture Optical Sciences Inc.
Aperture Optical Sciences Inc. - Meriden, CT
Design and manufacture of satellite telescopes, aspheric mirrors, SiC optics, optics, and optical systems for high-energy lasers. Provides large aperture integrated mounts, beam expanders, beam steering mirrors, and telescopes. Optics are deployed in aerospace, directed energy, HEL research, and remote sensing applications.
Custom Manufacturer
1 product
Optics & Allied Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Optics & Allied Engineering Pvt. Ltd. - Bangalore, India
Manufacturer of diamond-turned IR optics, metal mirrors, Ge/Si aspheric and diffractive optics, parabolic and off-axis mirrors, lenses, prisms, wedges, windows, laser optics, thin-film coatings, beamsplitters, filters, polymer imaging optics, large-size windows/mirrors, optomechanical assemblies, mounts.
Custom Manufacturer
2 products
SORL/Space Optics Research Labs LLC
SORL/Space Optics Research Labs LLC - Merrimack, NH
Manufactures stock and custom off-axis parabolic mirrors. Flat, spherical, and aspheric mirrors in ceramic, glass and metal, precision mirror mounts; reflective beam expanders, collimators, FLIR test stations, lidar telescopes; Fourier transform systems, IR lens assemblies and a LUPI-IIA interferometer. Engineering, design, and field services.
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1 product
4D Technology Corporation
4D Technology Corporation - Tucson, AZ
Designs and manufactures dynamic laser interferometers and optical profilers, and surface defect gauges. Applications include precision machined surfaces, optics, astronomy, aerospace, space-based telescopes, flexible electronics, automotive, and in-line production measurement.
Stock Manufacturer
1 product
Emergent Vision Technologies Inc.
Emergent Vision Technologies Inc. - Port Coquitlam, Canada
Emergent Vision Technologies was founded in 2007 in Vancouver, Canada. We are the first providers of cameras based on the 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE), 25 Gigabit Ethernet (25GigE), 50 Gigabit Ethernet (50GigE), and 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GigE) interfaces.
Stock Manufacturer
12 products
Excelitas Technologies Corp.
Excelitas Technologies Corp. - Waltham, MA
Excelitas Technologies Corp. is an industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions to meet the illumination, optical, optronic, sensing, detection and imaging needs of our OEM and end-user customers.
Stock Manufacturer
5 products
AOSense Inc. - Fremont, CA
autoVimation GmbH - Rheinstetten, Germany
AZURE Photonics Co. Ltd. - Fuzhou, China
Channel Islands Opto-Mechanical Engineering Inc. - Ventura, CA
Del-Tron Precision Inc. - Bethel, CT
Ealing Catalog - Scotts Valley, CA
Glyndwr Innovations - St. Asaph, United Kingdom
Haas Laser Technologies Inc. - Flanders, NJ
IL Photonics - Beit Shemesh, Israel
IMPORTEC del dr. ing. Gianni Quaia - Polcenigo, Italy
JAID Technologies Inc. - Penfield, NY
Leopard Imaging Inc. - Fremont, CA
MOS USA - Broomfield, CO
Motion Plus LLC - Pittsburgh, PA
J.A. Noll Co. - Blacksville, WV
nortus Optronic GmbH - Woerth am Rhein, Germany
Optical Surfaces Ltd. - Kenley, United Kingdom
Optics In Motion LLC - Long Beach, CA
Photonics Technologies Ltd. - Woking, United Kingdom
Radiant Dyes Laser Accessories GmbH - Wermelskirchen, Germany
Shanghai HXF-LaiYi Precision Optics Co. Ltd. - Shanghai, China
Sunex Inc. - Carlsbad, CA
Unice E-O Services Inc. - Taoyuan, Taiwan
VCC (Visual Communications Co.) - Carlsbad, CA
Zaber Technologies Inc. - Vancouver, Canada
  • mirror mount A mirror mount is a mechanical device used to secure and precisely position mirrors in optical systems. Mirrors are essential components in optical setups for reflecting light or redirecting laser beams. The mirror mount allows for accurate...
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