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A Ti:sapphire laser is a type of solid-state laser that utilizes a titanium-doped sapphire crystal as the gain medium. It is continuously tunable in the wavelength region from 680 to 1100 nm. Its broad tunability makes it useful for a wide range of applications such as spectroscopy, microscopy, medical research, ultrafast science, and femtosecond laser systems for materials processing and micromachining. Learn more about Ti:sapphire lasers →

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AOG Sapphire Optics Co. Ltd. - Sanming, China
Applied Energetics Inc. - Tucson, AZ
Atseva LLC - Fort Collins, CO
Clark-MXR Inc. - Dexter, MI
Del Mar Photonics Inc. - San Diego, CA
Fastlite - Antibes, France
HT Laser - Muenster, Germany
KMLabs Inc (Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories) - Boulder, CO
Laser Innovations - Santa Paula, CA
LOTIS TII Ltd. - Minsk, Belarus
M Squared - Glasgow, United Kingdom
MKS/Spectra-Physics - Milpitas, CA
MolTech GmbH - Berlin, Germany
Optronics Technologies SA - Athens, Greece
Photonics Industries International Inc. - Ronkonkoma, NY
Quanta System SpA - Samarate, Italy
R&D Ultrafast Lasers Ltd. - Budapest, Hungary
Radiantis - Castelldefels, Spain
SOL instruments Ltd. - Minsk, Belarus
Solar Laser Systems - Minsk, Belarus
Swamp Optics LLC - Atlanta, GA
Thales, Laser Solutions - Elancourt, France
Toptical Scientific Corp. - Taipei, Taiwan
VIULASE GmbH - Vienna, Austria
  • Ti:sapphire laser A Ti:sapphire laser is a type of solid-state laser that utilizes a titanium-doped sapphire crystal as the gain medium. The name Ti:sapphire comes from the combination of titanium (Ti) as the dopant and sapphire (Al2O3) as the host material. ...
  • continuous-wave laser A laser that emits radiation continuously rather than in short bursts, as in a pulsed laser.
  • pulsed laser A laser that emits energy in a series of short bursts or pulses and that remains inactive between each burst or pulse. The frequency of the pulses is termed the pulse-repetition frequency.
  • sapphire Sapphire refers to a crystalline form of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) that is used in various optical and photonic applications due to its exceptional optical, mechanical, and thermal properties. Sapphire is transparent over a wide range of wavelengths,...
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