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SCANLAB GmbH - Puchheim, Germany
OEM manufacturer of high-performance galvanometer scanners and galvanometer-based scan systems for deflection and positioning of laser beams in three dimensions. Scan heads (more than 1200 cps), scan solutions for kW-range and USP lasers, customized systems, control electronics, and laser processing software.
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CMM Optic - Troy, MI
Conoptics Inc. - Danbury, CT
DFM Engineering Inc. - Longmont, CO
Quantum Technology Inc. - Lake Mary, FL
Tichawa Vision GmbH - Friedberg, Germany
  • scanner 1. A device used to trace out an object and build up an image. One of the most common of these types is video scanning. The scanning takes place inside the television tube as electrons, guided by electron optics, sweep linearly across a tube face...
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