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All Things Photonics Podcast
From space exploration and quantum optics, to biomedical imaging and defense, today’s top scientific minds are using lasers, spectroscopy, sensors, and optics to deliver cutting-edge innovation to our society. In intimate conversations with those pushing the boundaries of human knowledge, "All Things Photonics" spotlights photonics industry progress from beyond the lab.

Hear how 3D printed microscopes — and those developed for a fraction of the cost — offer our best hope for diagnosing disease in the developing world; why spectroscopy might be the most valuable tool in the crime scene technicians’ arsenal; how light can motorize drug delivery; and how the quantum cascade laser, CMOS image sensor, and robot-assisted surgery became realities.

Notable guests include Nobel Prize winner Donna Strickland; Columbia University Eugene Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering Michal Lipson; inventor of the CMOS image sensor Eric Fossum; serial entrepreneur Jason Eichenholz; co-namesake of the Hockney Falco Thesis Charles Falco; and SPIE President and founder of the Vanderbilt Biophotonics Center Anita Mahadevan-Jansen.

"All Things Photonics"® is produced by Photonics Media and airs biweekly, on Tuesdays. The podcast was a shortlisted finalist in two categories — Best Science & Medical Podcast and Best Technology Podcast — for The Publishers Podcast Awards in 2021. It has again earned shortlist honors in the Best Science and Medical Podcast category for 2022.
09.0005: The Neuromorphic Photonics Roadmap — With Paul Prucnal and Bhavin Shastri (4/23/2024)
09.0004: The Almighty Soliton — With Andrea Blanco-Redondo (4/9/2024)
09.0003: Inside Silicon Photonics — With Mario Paniccia (3/26/2024)
09.0002: Thermal Imaging and AI: Introducing HADAR — With Zubin Jacob (3/12/2024)
09.0001: The Mobile Photonics Lab Experience — With Michael Mohammadi and Bill Warger (2/27/2024)
08.0008: Low Loss — and High Gain — in Silicon Photonics — With Joyce Poon (1/9/2024)
08.0007: Sense and Measure — With Joseph Shaw and Sanathana Konugolu (1/2/2024)
08.0006: Quantum Dot, Quantum Compute — With Peter Lodahl (12/12/2023)
08.0005: MicroLEDs: A Marriage of Brightness, Efficiency, and Possibility — With Hongxing Jiang and Jingyu Lin (11/28/2023)
08.0004: Influence in Photonic Integration — With Peter O’Brien and David McGovern (11/14/2023)
08.0003: Live From Optifab 2023 — With Chunlei Guo and Carolyn McMorran (10/31/2023)
08.0002: Nanomedicine: Out of the Lab and Into the Field — With Andrea Armani (10/23/2023)
08.0001: Beyond the Advent: Photonics and AI — With Tom Hausken (10/10/2023)
07.0008: PATHS-UP: The Commercialization of Raman Instrumentation at the Point of Care — With Samuel Mabbott, Michael Matthews, and Cyril Soliman (6/13/2023)
07.0007: Opportunity and Strategy in Semiconductors — With Walter Burgess (5/30/2023)
07.0006: Quantum Integrated Photonics: Drivers and Outcomes — With Matt Eichenfield (5/16/2023)
07.0005: Evolution of the Optics Shop, Workforce, and Industry — With Paul Melone (Thorlabs) (5/2/2023)
07.0004: Toward a Viable Holography — Scalable and Cost-Effective — With Theodore Marescaux and Mike Noonen (4/18/2023)
07.0003: The Carrot and the Stick — Insights from PhotonDelta — With Ewit Roos (4/4/2023)
07.0002: Checking in From NIF — Laser-Driven Fusion — With Jean-Michel Di Nicola (3/21/2023)
07.0001: Utility in Infrared Imaging — A Biophotonics Perspective — With Rohit Bhargava (3/7/2023)
06.0007: Big Image Data: Unveiling the Power of Raw Images — With Bruno Sanguinetti (1/10/2023)
06.0006: Guided by Light: A Life in Fluorescence — With Isiah Warner (12/13/2022)
06.0005: The Ascension of Meta-Optics — With Rob Devlin (11/29/2022)
06.0004: The Utility of Lidar — Flood Prevention and Revelations from a Maya Settlement (11/15/2022)
06.0003: From Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science 2022 (11/1/2022)
06.0002: Biomedical Optics — The BioPhotonics Conference Episode with Brian Pogue (10/18/2022)
06.0001: Meta-Optics Fabrication and Commercialization — With Theodor Nielsen (10/4/2022)
05.0008: Ultrashort-Pulse X-Ray Sources and Laser Research — With Donna Strickland, Francois Légaré, And Heide Ibrahim (5/24/2022)
05.0007: Brain Imaging and Measurement — All Things Neurophotonics With David Boas (5/10/2022)
05.0006: The LaserNetUS Consortium — A Podcast of High Intensity with Chandra Breanne Curry (4/26/2022)
05.0005: Photonic Supercomputing — With Michael Hochberg and Marcus Gomez (4/12/2022)
05.0004: Advances in Terahertz Optoelectronics — With Mona Jarrahi (3/29/2022)
05.0003: Inside the Vintage Laser Archives — With Bob Hess (3/15/2022)
05.0002: Directed Energy Arrays — And Nematodes in Space Part II — With Philip Lubin and Joel Rothman (3/1/2022)
05.0001: Displays, Waveguide Optics — And Nematodes in Space? — With Jonas Zeuner and Joel Rothman (2/15/2022)
04.0006: Explorations of the Quantum Cascade Laser — with Jerome Faist (12/28/2021)
04.0005: All Things Quantum Sensing — with Kevin Cox (12/14/2021)
04.0004: The Lidar Boom — with Jason Eichenholz (11/30/2021)
04.0003: At the Intersection of Optics and Art — with Charles Falco (11/9/2021)
04.0002: Surgical and Vision-Guided Robotics — with Moshe Safran and Russell Taylor (11/2/2021)
04.0001: Light-Activated Molecular Machines — with Ivan Aprahamian (10/19/2021)
03.0011: John Harvey: A Test (and Measure) of the Global Photonics Ecosystem (6/22/2021)
03.0010: Matthieu Baudelet: Forensic Spectroscopic Tire Chemical Analysis (6/8/2021)
03.0009: Bishnu Pal: A Guide Through Guided Wave Optics (5/25/2021)
03.0008: Claudio Mazzali: On OSA and the Future of Fiber (5/11/2021)
03.0007: Eric Fossum: The CMOS Sensor’s ‘Epic’ Journey (4/27/2021)
03.0006: Thomas Battley: Optics in the Driver’s Seat (in Western NY and Beyond) (4/13/2021)
03.0005: Gregory Quarles: Directed Energy – Dual Usage and the Transfer of Technology (3/30/2021)
03.0004: Ursula Gibson: Novel Core Optical Fibers and Materials (3/16/2021)
03.0003: Nathalie Picque: From Frequency Combs to Holography — and Everything in Between (3/2/2021)
03.0002: Dirk Englund: Quantum Photonics: Breakthroughs and Limitations (2/16/2021)
03.0001: Jess Wade: OLED Displays, Chirality, and Equity (2/2/2021)
02.0007: Chunlei Guo: Femtosecond Lasing: Applications and Innovations (12/15/2020)
02.0006: Ian Walmsley: Unlocking a Quantum Advantage: Supercomputing, Sensing, and Optics (12/1/2020)
02.0005: Anita Mahadevan-Jansen: Biomedical Optics and Lasers and Light (11/17/2020)
02.0004: Andreas Tuennermann: Laser Systems, Fiber Technology, and Photonics Startups (11/3/2020)
02.0003: Manu Prakash (Part 2): Dinner Table Microscopy, (Not) Knowing It All, and Science Education (10/20/2020)
02.0002: Manu Prakash (Part 1): Frugal Science, for Love of the Mundane, and 1 Million Foldscopes (and Counting) (10/6/2020)
02.0001: Michal Lipson: Silicon Photonics in the Fast Lane, Light on a Chip, and 20-Plus Years of Innovation (9/22/2020)
01.0010: Tom Hausken and the market impact of COVID-19; Coherent part 2 (6/2/2020)
01.0009: Charlie & Charlie; New Coherent CEO (5/19/2020)
01.0008: Jürgen Popp: Raman Spectroscopy and Early Disease Detection (5/5/2020)
01.0007: Arthur McClelland: Mayan Teeth, Middle Eastern Manuscripts and Optical Spectroscopy (4/21/2020)
Special Episode: Roberta Ramponi on COVID-19 and Italy (4/14/2020)
01.0006: Adam Wax: Microscopy and Cancer Detection (4/7/2020)
01.0005: Photonics and Coronavirus; Andrea Armani and online conferences; Daguerreotypes and astrophysics (3/24/2020)
01.0004: Donna Strickland; Benjamin Schmitt & Joe Serio: Life Before the Big Bang (3/10/2020)
01.0003: Ursula Keller: SESAM ultrafast lasers and the world’s most accurate clock; 3D glasses and 500 million years of evolution. (2/25/2020)
01.0002: Aydogan Ozcan: Democratization of Technology; Hologram or Illusion? (2/11/2020)
01.0001: Walter Burgess: Lasers in Cinema; 100 Years of Spectroscopy (1/28/2020)
All Things Photonics Trailer (1/23/2020)
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