Metrology for Polarization Optics

Jan 11, 2023
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Meadowlark Optics Inc.
About This Webinar
Measuring the performance of optical retarders and polarizers after purchase is important to verify that installation will not degrade system performance. Baur describes which parameters are important to measure, how they can affect performance, and how they can be measured to ensure optimal system performance. He also describes equipment and methods that nonspecialized end users can use to measure the performance of components for polarimetry and polarization control.

***This presentation premiered during the 2023 Photonics Spectra Conference. For more information on Photonics Media conferences, visit

About the presenter

Tom BaurTom Baur is the founder of Meadowlark Optics. His focus is on product development, bringing new materials to the photonics community for polarization control, and improving metrology for polarization components. He is the 2017 winner of the SPIE G.G. Stokes Award for exceptional contributions to the field of optical polarization. He was voted the Bravo Entrepreneur of the year for Northern Colorado in 2005 and has a dual career in photonics and cattle ranching.
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