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A growing collection of in-depth presentations featuring top industry experts covering the latest in photonics technology including optics, lasers, imaging, sensors, detectors, spectroscopy, fiber optics, biophotonics, and more.

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Photonics Goes Mainstream: Channeling Semiconductors' ChallengesScott Jordan (Pl (Physik Instrumente) L.P.)Jan 17, 2024

Packaging of Integrated Photonics: From Design to ProductionStefan Heinemann (PHIX Photonics Assembly)Jan 17, 2024

Board-Level Photonics: Embedded Waveguides Solving Photonic Chip Assembly BottlenecksNikolaus Flöry (Vario-Optics)Jan 17, 2024

Bridging the Gap: Scaling Low-Loss PICs for Breakthrough ApplicationsMichael Geiselmann (LIGENTEC)Jan 17, 2024

Laser Application for Display ManufacturingOliver Haupt (Coherent)Jan 16, 2024

Image Sensors and Modules for Endoscopy Applications: What Are the Latest Trends?Céline Semécas (Teledyne e2v), Pierre Fereyre (Teledyne e2v)Dec 14, 2023

Profiling Tightly Focused Beams in 2D Using Camera-Based Beam Profilers and Magnification OpticsLogan Hatanaka (DataRay Inc.)Dec 12, 2023

Custom Optics Unleashed: Rapid Prototyping and EngineeringNate Burdick (Thorlabs)Dec 7, 2023

High-Resolution Measurement of Film Thickness and Refractive Index for Silicon Photonics and Planar Waveguide ApplicationsLawrence Rooney (Bruker Nano Inc.)Dec 6, 2023

Advancements in Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging for Methane Detection in Oil & GasAntoine Dumont (Telops)Dec 6, 2023

Cutting-Edge Fabric Identification: SWIR Spectroscopy and Sorting Techniques for Post ProcessingMarie-Christine Ferland (Photon etc.)Dec 6, 2023

Raw Materials and Beyond: Hyperspectral Imaging’s Role in Creating a Greener FutureTrond Loke (HySpex)Dec 6, 2023

Broaden Your Spectral View: Exploring VNIR to LWIR Hyperspectral Imaging Applications and Multi-Camera ApproachesMathieu Marmion (SPECIM)Dec 6, 2023

The Upcoming IEEE P4001 Standard for Hyperspectral ImagingTorbjorn Skauli (University of Oslo)Dec 6, 2023

Quantum Efficiency Measurements: Fundamentals for Solar Cell Research, Part 1Ken Corelli (MKS Newport), Dave Soberanis (MKS Newport), Todd McFarland (MKS Newport)Dec 5, 2023

Design and Optimization of Optical WaveguidesJustus Bohn (COMSOL Inc.)Nov 30, 2023

The Etendue Mystery RevealedJulius Muschaweck (JMO Illumination Optics)Nov 28, 2023

Optimization of Surface Enhanced Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy for Applications in Pre-Clinical Cancer ImagingFay Nicolson (Harvard University/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI))Nov 16, 2023

Optimizing MTF Measurement Accuracy in Optical System EvaluationBenjamin Stauss (Trioptics GmbH)Nov 15, 2023

Novel Testing Methods for AR/MR Devices and Smart Glasses with Vision CorrectionEric Eisenberg (Radiant Vision Systems)Nov 15, 2023

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