Directed Energy Lasers: A Historic and Future Perspective

Jan 19, 2021
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About This Webinar
Lasers were first demonstrated over 60 years ago, and some have evolved to become almost a commodity in the defense sector as a directed-energy solution to multiple threats. Greg Quarles provides an overview of the various laser-based technologies being fielded globally and the specific optical sources employed. The past 20 years have seen an evolution from low-power continuous-wave lasers that now exceed nearly 300 kW of output power. As threats change over time, the lasers themselves must evolve to be able to deter, damage, disable, or destroy new threats.

Quarles identifies information from the open literature regarding the types of threats, the current laser solutions, the industrial and component strengths and weaknesses in supporting the laser solutions, and the parallels between commercial sector lasers and the evolution of the unique defense-based platforms. Finally, he reviews the recent introduction of ultrashort short-pulse lasers that are under development and highlights the unique counter-threat opportunities that are evolving.

***This presentation premiered during the 2021 Photonics Spectra Conference Lasers track. For information on upcoming Photonics Media events, see our event calendar here.

About the presenter:
Greg QuarlesGreg Quarles, Ph.D., is Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Applied Energetics. He leads the company in its development of next generation advanced defense technologies based on ultra-short pulse and laser guided energy. Quarles has over 30 years of experience driving cutting-edge laser, optics, and photonics technology development and operations within advanced industrial companies. Additionally, he is a globally recognized leader for his strategic partnerships with the Department of Defense and his innovative work in the progression of global materials research, specifically developing new laser devices for a variety of military, medical, and industrial applications.
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