Enabling Rapid Application Development and Deployment of Hyperspectral Imaging in a Production Environment

Jan 13, 2022
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About This Webinar
Hyperspectral imaging is very data-rich and can add value in a variety of production environments; it can detect foreign objects, inspect products for purity, and provide real-time product grading. Regression analysis can provide quantitative information, such as a prediction of the Brix of oranges. However, extracting actionable information from hyperspectral images traditionally requires expert analysis. A hyperspectral imager with onboard processing power can enable widespread use of hyperspectral imaging in production environments by expediting and simplifying the development cycle. Analysis models can be developed in a user-friendly hyperspectral model-development platform and deployed natively in the imaging system’s UI, making the output actionable information. This talk will show the utility of hyperspectral imaging in a production environment using examples in food processing and demonstrate the expedited development cycle using novel hardware and software.

***This presentation premiered during the 2022 Photonics Spectra Conference. For more information on Photonics Media conferences, visit  

About the presenter:
William RockWilliam Rock, Ph.D., is a Senior Applications Engineer at Headwall Photonics. He works to simplify hyperspectral imaging analysis to make the extraction of actionable information accessible to non-experts. He was introduced to hyperspectral imaging while conducting hyperspectral coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany. He worked previously as well at Argonne National Laboratory prior to joining Headwall. During his doctoral studies at the University of Iowa, he constructed a novel 2D, infrared spectrometer using a femtosecond laser. He received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry and physics from Augustana College in Illinois.
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