Photonics Spectra Conference 2022: January 10 - 13

Jan 10, 2022
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About This Webinar
Photonics Media will host its second annual Photonics Spectra Conference Jan. 10-13. The virtual event will comprise four technology tracks — Lasers, Optics, Sensors and Detectors, and Imaging — each assigned to its own day.

The program features 40+ industry-leading speakers who will present on a wide range of topics, including the latest advancements in photonic components and systems technology, as well as trending applications spanning laser materials processing, fiber optic sensors, detector components for lidar, scientific imaging, and the design, fabrication, and metrology of optical systems.

Registration is FREE. Check out the full program and sign up today to attend.

Photonics Media Conferences feature foremost experts from the around the world on photonic technologies and components for professionals in most disciplines.

Full Program

Day 1 - Lasers Track
KEYNOTE: The Present and Future of Quantum Semiconductor Laser Diodes from UV to THz
Manijeh Razeghi
Northwestern University

How Dynamic Beam Lasers Optimize Precision and Power for Materials Processing
Eyal Shekel
Civan Lasers

Measurement Challenges of Green and Blue Lasers
Nicolas Meunier
Ophir, an MKS brand

New and Established Laser Applications in the Battery Manufacturing Process Chain
Johannes Bührle

Streamlined Ultrafast Laser Technique Improves Results and Throughput for Cutting Glass
Bogusz Stepak

PROMOTED: Overview of Mid-IR Products at Alpes Lasers

Alex Kenich
Alpes Lasers SA

PROMOTED: Multiscale Modeling and Optimization in Photonic Devices
Rustu Umut Tok

Novel Sources of Tunable Laser Light for Quantum Center Spectroscopy
Niklas Waasem, Korbinian Hens
HÜBNER Photonics

How Open Pilot Line Deployments Are Advancing Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing
Camilo Prieto
AIMEN Technology Centre, the INTEGRADDE Project

Integrating Fiber Lasers to Improve and Expand Industrial Applications
Bryce Samson
IPG Photonics

Precision Laser Cutting and Welding of Glass and Polymer Materials
Jim Bovatsek
MKS Spectra-Physics

Adjustable Ring Mode Welding: Novel E-Mobility Laser Solution for Demanding Battery Production Applications
Jean-Philippe Lavoie
Coherent Inc.

Day 2 - Optics Track
KEYNOTE: Flat Optics: From Metalenses and Cameras to Structured Light and Dark
Federico Capasso
Harvard University

Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Coatings for High-Power Laser Optics
Adriana Szeghalmi
Fraunhofer IOF

Practical Implementations of Metasurfaces and Challenges in Scaling Production
Pawel Latawiec

Manufacturing Low Total Error Freeform Optics
Jessica DeGroote Nelson
Optimax Systems

Ultrafast-Laser-Based Figuring and Polishing of Optical Materials
Jie Qiao
Rochester Institute of Technology

PROMOTED: VCSELs for 3D Sensing Applications: Then, Now, and Tomorrow
David Cheskis
Lumentum Operations LLC

Beam- and Image-Steering for Lidar and Augmented Reality Applications with MEMS Spatial Light Modulators
Yuzuru Takashima
University of Arizona

AmeriCOM’s Story: What’s Ahead and How the Optics Industry Can Participate
Alexis Vogt
AmeriCOM and Monroe Community College

The Unique Challenges of Coating Laser Crystals
Karl George Jr.
Edmund Optics

Freeform Metrology for Glass and Diamond-Turned Optics
Scott DeFisher
OptiPro Systems

Computer-Generated Hologram Metrology Alignment: Challenges and Solutions
Shelby Ament
Arizona Optical Metrology

Day 3 - Sensors & Detectors Track
KEYNOTE: Optical Fiber Sensors: Current Technologies, Market, and Future Outlook
Alexis Méndez
MCH Engineering LLC

Dynamic Photodiodes: Unique Light-Sensing Technology with Tunable Sensitivity
Serguei Okhonin
ActLight SA

Design and Qualification of FBG Accelerometers for Harsh Environments
Silvia Abad
HBK FiberSensing

Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing: A Versatile Condition-Monitoring Tool for the Industry
Etienne Rochat

PROMOTED: Trends in Emitters for Lidar
Branko Petrov
Excelitas Technologies Corp.

PROMOTED: One shot: Polarization Characteristics of VCSELs
Karthik Iyer
Instrument Systems GmbH

Current and Future Detector Designs for Flash Lidar
Jennifer Ruskowski
Fraunhofer IMS

Fiber-Optic Sensors: Meeting the Challenges of Today’s Industrial Applications
Kenneth Grattan
City University of London

FMCW and TOF Flash Automotive Lidar: Challenges and Prospects
Slawomir Piatek
New Jersey Institute of Technology & Hamamatsu Corp.

How Fiber Sensors Can Enhance the Design and Manufacture of Composite Systems
David Potter
Luna Innovations

Day 4 - Imaging Track
KEYNOTE: Quanta Image Sensors: Every Photon Counts, Even in a Smartphone
Eric Fossum
Dartmouth College

New Industrial Challenges for Optical Metrology as Autonomous Cars, Free-Space Optical Communication, and AR/VR Shape the Future
Benoit Wattellier

Emerging Short-Wavelength Infrared Sensors
Matthew Dyson
IDTechEx Ltd.

LEDs: Expanding Capabilities for Live Cell Imaging
Isabel Goodhand

PROMOTED: How Pixel Size and MTF Affect Modern Microscopy and See the Invisible with Microscopes
Gerhard Holst
Excelitas PCO GmbH

Advanced Detector Solutions Enabling Quantum Optics Research
Colin Coates
Andor Technology

Enabling Rapid Application Development and Deployment of Hyperspectral Imaging in a Production Environment
William Rock
Headwall Photonics Inc.

Airborne Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging for Quantitative Analysis of SF6 Releases
Benjamin Saute

High-Throughput Hyperspectral Imaging without Image Degradation
Rand Swanson
Resonon Inc.

New Photon-Counting Detectors Expand Frontiers in Scientific Imaging
Jiaju Ma
Gigajot Technology Inc.

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