Line-Field Confocal Optical Coherence Tomography (LC-OCT): A New Tool for Noninvasive Cellular-Resolution Imaging of Human Skin

Nov 18, 2020
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About This Webinar
OCT (optical coherence tomography) is a noninvasive optical imaging modality that is well established for ophthalmology and has been shown to have an interesting potential for other medical fields — including dermatology, specifically for skin cancer diagnosis. Up to now, a main limitation of OCT for dermatology was its lack of cellular resolution within the skin, which makes it complicated to find corresponding morphological structures between OCT images and histology images, the current gold standard for diagnosis.

This webinar will present a technique for high-resolution OCT, referred to as LC-OCT, which can produce vertical section images of in vivo human skin at cellular resolution and in real time, revealing morphological features comparable to the ones observed in histology images. Furthermore, LC-OCT can also yield horizontal section images in real time and perform tridimensional acquisitions, leading to “histology blocks” that offer powerful analysis by revealing extensive morphological information about structures of interest within the skin. These go beyond the capacity of histology while being acquired noninvasively and in vivo.

The webinar will begin by covering the principles of LC-OCT and what makes it an original approach as compared to conventional OCT. Then, a technical review of the latest hand-held LC-OCT imaging probe will be presented, along with a brief history of the industrial development of this technology. A third part will be devoted to an overview of the capabilities of LC-OCT for in vivo human skin imaging, including the presentation of clinical cases. Finally, the webinar will introduce how LC-OCT can also assist in characterizing skin by means of relevant metrics extracted from the images. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A.

Who should attend:
Anyone working with OCT for dermal imaging, especially for medical diagnosis applications, who is interested in technological improvements. As well, those learning about OCT and/or who are involved in the sale and development of OCT technology.

About the presenter:
Jonas Ogien, Ph.D., received his Master of Science degree in optics in 2014 from the University of Rochester and his Ph.D. in physics in 2017 from the Paris-Saclay University (France). He also holds an engineering degree from the Institut d’Optique Graduate School (France) and currently works as a research engineer at DAMAE Medical, a startup company working on an innovative optical imaging technique for skin imaging. He is particularly interested in innovative optical methods for high-resolution imaging, and his current research focuses on the development of new modalities and on optical improvements in optical coherence microscopy for skin imaging.

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