Technical Advancements in Line-Field Confocal Optical Coherence Tomography for Improving the Management of Skin Cancer

Feb 28, 2023
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About This Webinar
Line-field confocal optical coherence tomography (LC-OCT) is an imaging technique based on a combination of reflectance confocal microscopy and time-domain OCT. It can generate cellular-resolution vertical images, horizontal cross-sectional images, and three-dimensional (3D) images, yielding the possibility for optical biopsies of skin tissue in vivo and in real time.

Jonas Ogien, Ph.D., of DAMAE Medical introduces the basic principles of LC-OCT and shares an overview of new technical advancements based on the technique. These advancements aim to create new workflows for improved skin cancer management. In particular, he presents how a secondary optical path added to the technique to obtain dermoscopic color images of the surface of skin in parallel to the LC-OCT images. This allows for both accurate positioning on a lesion and the ability to check the coverage of the lesion image. Ogien then demonstrates how a video mosaic algorithm makes it possible to follow surgical margins while monitoring them using LC-OCT.

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms has enabled the utilization of the information contained in LC-OCT images to provide quantitative metrics. These metrics can be used to discriminate between healthy and pathological skins, specifically in the context of monitoring skin cancer. Finally, Ogien presents how molecular information from the skin can be probed noninvasively under the guidance of LC-OCT by introducing a platform for co-localized ex vivo LC-OCT and confocal Raman microspectroscopy, yielding an extensive characterization of skin tissues, both molecular and morphological.

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A.

Who should attend:
Scientists, engineers, and laboratory technicians who are interested in skin imaging technologies and the benefits of LC-OCT. Dermatologists who specialize in imaging or researchers in the field of skin cancer who are interested in new skin imaging technologies. Those in the fields of biophotonics, biology, and biotechnology who utilize spectroscopy, optics, and artificial intelligence in industries such as cancer research, pharmaceutical, medical, histopathology, and microscopy.

About the presenter:
Jonas Ogien, Ph.D., research engineer at DAMAE Medical, received his Master of Science degree in optics in 2014 from the University of Rochester. He earned his doctorate in physics in 2017 from Paris-Saclay University in France, and he holds an engineering degree from the Institut d’Optique Graduate School in France. At DAMAE Medical, a startup company working on an innovative optical imaging technique for skin imaging, he is particularly interested in innovative optical methods for high-resolution imaging. His current research focuses on the development of new modalities and on improvements in optical coherence microscopy for skin imaging.

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