New and Established Laser Applications in the Battery Manufacturing Process Chain

Jan 10, 2022
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About This Webinar
To make e-mobility a real success, production processes must be profitable, efficient and reproduceable. Laser technology is an indispensable manufacturing tool and is used throughout the entire process chain of battery manufacturing, especially for welding, cutting, notching, marking, perforating, de-coating, structuring, or drying applications—all present specific manufacturing challenges.

High-brilliant materials like copper are difficult to weld repeatably and with high-quality results. Additionally, compact component designs containing heat-sensitive parts are increasing in use and popularity. Such challenges place high requirements on joining processes. That is why special lasers with different wavelength, beam qualities, beam-shaping and power have been developed and are used to achieve optimal absorption rates and ideal power distribution. From this presentation, learn about lasers and laser processes for battery manufacturing and their associated requirements in industrial settings for realizing e-mobility applications.

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About the presenter:
Johannes J. Bührle is Head of Global Industry Management for Mobility applications at TRUMPF. He joined TRUMPF originally almost 20 years ago as a sales manager for laser systems and later as head of laser sales, coming from a background in industrial engineering and business administration. At that time he was working with TRUMPF Spain, and in 2011 he joined TRUMPF in Germany as Global Key Account manager. He then spent several years as Head of Global Industry Management at Zwick in Germany and returned to TRUMPF in 2018. In his current role he focuses on e-mobility manufacturing solutions.
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