Precision Automation Principles for the Optimal Testing and Packaging of PIC Devices

Sep 21, 2023
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Presented by
Aerotech Inc.
About This Webinar
Production-scale testing of silicon photonic devices continues to be a challenge due to the multi-degree-of freedom, high-precision, optical alignments required for wafer- and die-level testing. Wide variances in chip designs and coupling features complicate test procedures, making it difficult to identify a system capable of producing repeatable measurements across various topologies. Brett Heintz of Aerotech Inc. provides a guide for selecting precision motion equipment to minimize the impact of positioning errors on optical alignment test results.

First, Heintz introduces terminology typically used in the precision automation industry and the terms’ relationships to optical alignments. Next, he discusses the fundamental principles of motion control and their impact on alignment quality. Finally, he presents a case study on error motions induced by 6-degree-of-freedom positioning devices and their impact on optical alignments to illustrate the importance of selecting the optimal positioning equipment for a given alignment application.


Who should attend:
 Automation engineers responsible for designing and building solutions for photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and silicon photonics. Engineers and scientists building next-generation datacom, virtual reality (VR), AI, and quantum computing photonic devices. Those working in research or management within industries such as aerospace & defense, automotive, biophotonics, optics, communications, and medical.

About the presenter:
Brett Heintz is an applications engineer at Aerotech Inc. focusing on the technical challenges associated with design, production, and programming of precision automation systems for optoelectronic packaging and testing. Heintz received his Bachelor of Science degree in engineering physics and his Master of Science degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.




About Aerotech Inc:
Aerotech Inc. is the global industry leader in precision motion control and automation. From standard positioning technologies, control systems and light manipulation to custom-designed automation systems, their products support research and industrial organizations worldwide. Aerotech solutions enable manufacturing, testing, and inspection processes on a micrometer and nanometer scale for the world’s best-known technology companies in industries such as semiconductors, consumer electronics, and medical devices.

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