Precision Laser Cutting and Welding of Glass and Polymer Materials

Jan 10, 2022
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About This Webinar
Glass and polymers are important materials in consumer electronics, automotive, medical device manufacturing, and many other industries. For mobile phones, advancements such as flexible and foldable displays, multi-camera arrays, under-display cameras, and fingerprint sensors are just a sampling of features available now or on the horizon. Behind such novelties are advanced manufacturing processes that require new materials, tools, and techniques; and increasingly, the tools and techniques involve ultrashort pulse lasers for high quality, precision processing. Jim Bovatsek shares recent developments in ultrashort pulse laser cutting of glass and multi-layer polymer stacks, as well as advancements in the micro-welding of glass to glass and metal.

***This presentation premiered during the 2022 Photonics Spectra Conference. For more information on Photonics Media conferences, visit  

About the presenter:
Jim BovatsekJim Bovatsek is a manager of applications engineering at MKS Spectra-Physics’ industrial applications laboratory in Milpitas, California. He has focused on laser applications development using nanosecond, picosecond, and femtosecond pulsed lasers since 2000, with various patents and publications having been generated. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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