Revolutionizing Infrared Detection: Five Key Advantages of InAs and InAsSb-Based Detectors for Unmatched Performance

Jun 22, 2023
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Presented by
VIGO Photonics
About This Webinar

Lukasz Kubiszyn of VIGO Photonics covers many of the key advancements in InAs and InAsSb based detection for mid-wave IR and long-wave IR for applications spanning from environmental monitoring to spectroscopy. These advancements are creating lower cost options without sacrificing the detectivity and sensitivity that MCT detectors have offered for many years. In addition, Kubiszyn highlights some of the unique attributes that are opening new applications for detection and analysis technologies around the world.

Who should attend:
Engineers and researchers who are interested in infrared detection, particularly in the mid-wave IR and long-wave IR. Those who utilize detectors and sensors, imaging, laser accessories and laser systems, and spectroscopy in industries such as aerospace, agriculture, defense, energy, environmental research, medicine, and semiconductors. Designers and purchasers who work with gas detection and analysis.

About the presenter:
Lukasz Kubiszyn is an expert epitaxy engineer at VIGO Photonics. He received a Master of Science degree in technical physics at Warsaw University of Technology in 2014. Since then, he has been employed at VIGO as a molecular beam epitaxy engineer in the Chips Technology Team, R&D Department. His scientific interests include the fabrication technology of infrared detectors, in particular, the epitaxy of type-II superlattice heterostructures made of III-V materials and the characterization of epitaxial layers and infrared detectors. In 2022, he defended his doctoral dissertation, entitled “Technology of Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of AIII-BV-Based Heterostructures for Infrared Detection," at the Faculty of New Technologies and Chemistry, Military University of Technology. The research was carried out in collaboration with VIGO as a part of the Industrial Doctoral Program financed by the Polish Ministry for Education and Science.

About VIGO Photonics:
VIGO Photonics is a European manufacturer of semiconducting materials and instruments for photonics and microelectronics. They specialize in mid-wave IR and long-wave IR detectors and modules, produced with the use of internally developed technology.

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