Smart Lens Actuator Design Securing Perfect Coaxial Lens Displacement over Full Stroke

Mar 24, 2021
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Presented by
MPS Micro Precision Systems AG
About This Webinar
Which manufacturer of high-performance optical systems has not already faced the lack of reliability and repeatability of the unit-to-unit performance of the lens actuators built into their products?

The technology platform presented in this webinar addresses the concerns mentioned above and gives the possibility to developers of optical products to integrate a lens actuator adapted to their needs and based on proven technology. The provider of this technology is the Switzerland-based company MPS Microsystems, broadly recognized as an expert in the production of miniaturized and highly accurate electromechanical microsystems.

The lens actuator is composed of two lens holders driven by a precise guiding bearing with low friction. This design leads to an unmatched level of both smoothness of motion and lateral positioning repeatability so far, while keeping a very high degree of mechanical integration. A double lens version of the platform will be presented in detail and its features emphasized through a practical demonstration enhancing the capabilities of such a system in real-life operations. Designed as an innovative platform concept, the technology offers a wide range of customization that best fits to specific optimized mechanical and optical designs.

After a short introduction to MPS Microsystems through a brief overview of the service and technology portfolio, the presentation of the actuator will start with a 3D animated sequence allowing a deep dive into the mechanical concept. A practical demonstration, with a prototyped version of the platform, will be shown and explained to the audience through a real optical experiment.

The webinar will continue with the numerous possibilities of customization that have already been designed to ensure a friendly integration in all kinds of optical situations. Of course, time will be available at the end of the session for questions and answers.

Courtesy of MPS Microsystems.

Who should attend:
Engineers, systems integrators, designers, consultants, and other professionals involved in the optics manufacturing value chain who are interested in learning about a new technology that solves the lens misalignment issue by design. All those who have questions about lens actuators in the systems they use or design and their associated challenges. This webinar will explain current practical applications and solutions for a variety of fields, including aerospace and medical.

About the presenters:
Patrick Ruffieux, Ph.D., is a product manager for optics at MPS Microsystems. He received his engineering degree in micro-engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL) in 1998. After working as a development engineer in the watch industry, he joined the Applied Optics Group at the Institute of Microtechnology of the University of Neuchâtel in 2002, working in the conception of birefringent optics in polymer liquid crystals. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Neuchâtel in 2008 in the field of passive micro-optical elements. After becoming involved in the development of vision systems for packaging machines of semiconductors followed by several years of development work in the field of photoelectric sensors, he joined MPS in 2019. Ruffieux is author and co-author of several publications for the scientific community.

Grégoire Bagnoud is director of business development of MPS Microsystems. Bagnoud has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. He joined MPS 8 years ago and has been in charge with development of the product and service portfolio to address the needs of the optics, photonics, and medical markets in Europe and the USA. Prior to joining MPS, he worked for 15 years in management roles for sales, marketing, and innovation in different companies supplying drug delivery devices to the pharmaceutical industry.


About MPS Micro Precision Systems AG:
MPS Micro Precision Systems AG offers its customers high-precision electromechanical systems that solve problems in high-tech sectors, such as orthopedics, optics and photonics, automation, watchmaking, and aerospace.

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