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Foxconn Synchs with Porotech for Micro-LED Commercialization

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Consumer electronics company Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) has formed a partnership with fabless micro-LED display technology developer Porotech. The partnership seeks to accelerate Porotech's research and productization of micro-LED technology, bringing together Foxconn’s technological portfolio and Porotech’s proprietary technology to address the challenges of integrating multiple disciplines, including semiconductor wafer manufacturing, hybrid bond, integrated circuit design, optoelectronics, quantum physics, and optics.

According to an announcement, the collaboration aims to yield an end product targeting ultrahigh density and energy-efficient micro-LED micro-displays for augmented reality (AR) applications, as well as wearable and smart devices.

Porotech's Dynamic Pixel Tuning technology, which the company unveiled last year, enables full-color or tunable color displays using identical pixels from a single wafer — achieving color uniformity while eliminating complex fabrication processes. The company’s PoroGaN platform is configurable to LED epiwafers for micro-LED and mini-LED chip processing. Other configurations include chip-on-wafer and tunable material platforms.

Published: December 2023
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