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LEADOPTIK Raises $5M in Seed Funding to Commercialize Imaging System

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Medical imaging company LEADOPTIK has raised $5 million in an oversubscribed seed funding round. The funding will allow LEADOPTIK to move to the next stage of product development on the path to commercialization.

The company is developing a miniaturized imaging system to image deep within human lungs to allow for early diagnosis of cancer. The system combines novel nanofabrication and innovative optical metamaterials technology, and will allow surgeons to view objects 50× smaller than what is possible with current imaging systems, according to the company.

According to the World Health Organization, lung cancer is responsible for the highest number of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Detecting the cancer at its earliest stages is vital to a patient’s survival.

LEADOPTIK’s optics are made from dielectric metasurfaces — and the company claims that it has shrunk the optical elements to a size comparable to a human hair. The probe component of the technology can travel through airways to enable real-time imaging and detection of tiny tumors. The small form factor of LEADOPTIK’s probe allows its integration with biopsy needles, providing real-time guidance during biopsy procedures. This integration is critical for increasing the accuracy of biopsies, which are often performed blindly, according to the company.

Published: June 2023
1. In glass, a solid inclusion having a small diameter. 2. A particular, single crystal that, after undergoing the Czochralski method, evolves into large single crystals.

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