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Matt Eichenfield Named SPIE Endowed Chair: People in the News: 07/06/22

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WASHINGTON, D.C., July 6, 2022 — Matt Eichenfield, a specialist in quantum photonics and distinguished member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories, has joined the University of Arizona’s Wyant College of Optical Sciences as the inaugural SPIE Endowed Chair in Optical Sciences. The $2 million endowed position was established with a $500,000 gift from SPIE that was matched by a factor of three with funds donated by Wyant College founding dean James C. Wyant and his family. The University of Arizona endowed chair was also the inaugural gift of the SPIE Endowment Matching Program.
Matt Eichenfield was named as the inaugural SPIE Endowed Chair in Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona’s Wyant College of Optical Sciences. Courtesy of SPIE.
Matt Eichenfield was named the inaugural SPIE Endowed Chair in Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona’s Wyant College of Optical Sciences. Courtesy of SPIE. 
NACKA STRAND, Sweden — Paolo Guglielmini will succeed Ola Rollén as president and CEO of sensors and automation technology company Hexagon AB, effective Dec. 31. Gun Nilsson has decided to step down as CEO for Hexagon’s principal shareholder MSAB on Oct. 1 and will leave her position as chair of Hexagon AB at the annual general meeting 2023. MSAB, in consultation with Hexagon’s nomination committee, intends to propose Rollén as the new chair. Joshua Weiss, currently COO of Hexagon Geosystems, succeed Guglielmini as president for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, effective July 1. Michael Ritter, currently president of Hexagon Autonomy and Positioning, assumed a senior role overseeing Hexagon’s Autonomy and Positioning, Mining and Agriculture divisions. Maria Luthström, currently head of sustainability and investor relations for Hexagon, will succeed Ritter as president of Hexagon Autonomy and Positioning, effective Oct.1.

DUNDEE, Scotland — Umicore Coating Services, a manufacturer and supplier of infrared precision optical filters and coatings, named Mark Naples managing director. Naples, who previously served as commercial manager, has almost two decades of experience working across the optics, sensing, and imaging industries. Umicore Coatings is a subsidiary of Belgian-owned materials and technology company Umicore. The company designs, develops, and manufactures thin-film optical coating solutions from 2- to 14-μm wavelengths across a variety of substrates.

LEINFELDEN-ECHTERDINGEN, Germany — Marek Domanski has served as operations director at Buehler ITW Test & Measurement since the beginning of 2022. In this role, Domanski coordinates and manages the production and sourcing of suppliers of all the company’s systems for materialography and hardness testing. Domanski previously worked at Loma, a manufacturer of inspection equipment for the food, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries, which is also part of Buehler group. At Loma, he managed production, purchasing, and quality assurance.

GLASGOW, Scotland — Vector Photonics named Ian Caldwell consultant program manager, overseeing the company’s product introduction program. Caldwell has worked as a STEM instructor at the Dumfries House Education Engineering Centre, part of The Princes Foundation. 
Ian Caldwell. Courtesy of Vector Photonics.
Ian Caldwell. Courtesy of Vector Photonics. 
SAARBRÜCKEN, Germany — Bernd Valeske has been appointed executive director of Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing (Fraunhofer IZFP) and was awarded the professorship for cognitive sensor systems at Saarland University. The appointments are intended to strengthen collaboration between both institutions and to advance joint projects in engineering sciences. The professorship is part of the university’s systems engineering department.

HAMBURG, Germany — Lidar technology company Ibeo appointed Mickael Leon director of industrialization and manufacturing strategy. As a plant manager at ZF Autocruise in Brest, France, Leon was most recently responsible for a specialist plant in microelectronics of more than 160 employees.

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands — Integrated optics company EFFECT Photonics appointed Roberto Marcoccia as interim chief executive officer, effective immediately. Marcoccia currently serves as the company’s chief development and strategy officer, a role that he will retain. The appointment follows James Regan’s decision to step down as CEO. Marcoccia has held leadership positions at Juniper Networks, Stratalight Communications, Calient Networks, and other companies. He has previously served in an interim CEO role at Stratalight Communications. EFFECT Photonics opened its Americas headquarters last month outside Boston.

Published: July 2022
machine vision
Machine vision, also known as computer vision or computer sight, refers to the technology that enables machines, typically computers, to interpret and understand visual information from the world, much like the human visual system. It involves the development and application of algorithms and systems that allow machines to acquire, process, analyze, and make decisions based on visual data. Key aspects of machine vision include: Image acquisition: Machine vision systems use various...
thin film
A thin layer of a substance deposited on an insulating base in a vacuum by a microelectronic process. Thin films are most commonly used for antireflection, achromatic beamsplitters, color filters, narrow passband filters, semitransparent mirrors, heat control filters, high reflectivity mirrors, polarizers and reflection filters.
Metrology is the science and practice of measurement. It encompasses the theoretical and practical aspects of measurement, including the development of measurement standards, techniques, and instruments, as well as the application of measurement principles in various fields. The primary objectives of metrology are to ensure accuracy, reliability, and consistency in measurements and to establish traceability to recognized standards. Metrology plays a crucial role in science, industry,...
integrated optics
A thin-film device containing miniature optical components connected via optical waveguides on a transparent dielectric substrate, whose lenses, detectors, filters, couplers and so forth perform operations analogous to those of integrated electronic circuits for switching, communications and logic.
In a liquid crystal system, the director refers to the local symmetry axis around which the long range order of the liquid crystal is aligned. In the case of the nematic phase, the molecular long axis is, on the average, parallel to the director.
Lidar, short for light detection and ranging, is a remote sensing technology that uses laser light to measure distances and generate precise, three-dimensional information about the shape and characteristics of objects and surfaces. Lidar systems typically consist of a laser scanner, a GPS receiver, and an inertial measurement unit (IMU), all integrated into a single system. Here is how lidar works: Laser emission: A laser emits laser pulses, often in the form of rapid and repetitive laser...
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