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PhotonDelta Names Eelko Brinkhoff CEO

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Dutch photonics consortium PhotonDelta has named Eelko Brinkhoff CEO in a move that will take effect Feb. 19, 2024. Brinkhoff currently serves as managing director of foreign investments and international trade at Brabant Development Agency, a public organization that builds relationships between entrepreneurs, academia, and government in the Brabant region in Netherlands.
Eelko Brinkhoff has been appointed as CEO of PhotonDelta, effective Feb. 19. Courtesy of PhotonDelta.
Eelko Brinkhoff has been appointed CEO of PhotonDelta, effective Feb. 19. Courtesy of PhotonDelta. 
Brinkhoff succeeds current CEO Ewit Roos, who will step down Jan. 1, 2024 to become a general partner in PhotonDelta’s venture capital arm PhotonVentures. PhotonDelta CFO Laurens Weers will serve as interim CEO starting Jan. 1, 2024.

A foreign direct investments veteran with additional experience in the internationalization of small and medium enterprises, Brinkhoff has been involved in the growth of a number of foreign tech companies setting up in the south of the Netherlands, PhotonDelta said. His appointment follows additional PhotonDelta management changes that the consortium announced in November. Peter van Arkel, PhotonDelta’s roadmap director for the integrated photonics systems-international will be elevated to CTO. Current CTO, Carol de Vries, is to become chief of strategy.

Published: December 2023
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