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SÜSS MicroTec Deals SUSS MicroOptics to Focuslight Technologies

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SÜSS MicroTec SE has agreed to sell its Switzerland-based subsidiary SUSS MicroOptics SA to Focuslight (HK) Investment Management Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Focuslight Technologies Inc. The transaction, valued at €75.5 million ($80.7 million), is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024. The deal spans SUSS MicroOptics’ 160 employees, the SUSS MicrOptics SA division held by SÜSS MicroTec SE, and all shares of SUSS MicroOptics and the redemption of financial debt.

“Following detailed analysis, the Management Board and Supervisory Board concluded in early 2023 that the MicroOptics division no longer fits in SUSS MicroTec’s core business due to the low synergies with our semiconductor equipment divisions,” said Burkhardt Frick, CEO of SÜSS MicroTec SE. “We are convinced that with Focuslight we have found an owner who can develop SUSS MicroOptics to its full potential.”

Focuslight Technologies develops and manufactures laser diode components and laser optics. Focuslight and SUSS MicroOptics have complementary product portfolios, SÜSS MicroTec said, and serve customers in the automotive and medical technology sectors, among others.

In the 2022 fiscal year, the MicroOptics division contributed sales of  about €39.2 million to the total sales of SÜSS MicroTec. After successful closing of the sale, SÜSS MicroTec said, it expects to gain extraordinary pre-tax income in the range of around €40 million to €45 million.

Focuslight last year announced the complete corporate integration of LIMO GmbH, stemming from its acquisition of the Dortmund, Germany-based micro-optics developer and provider in 2017.

Published: November 2023
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