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Sivers, LioniX, Chilas Partner on Narrow-Linewidth Tunable Lasers

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Sivers Photonics, a subsidiary of Sivers Semiconductors, has partnered with LioniX International and Chilas BV to develop and supply a narrow-linewidth integrated O-band continuous-wave tunable 1310-nm laser. The laser, introduced by LioniX, addresses demand for O-band solutions from OEMs, advanced laboratories, and industrial sensor manufacturers working in communications (passive optical networks, fiber optic communications), lidar, and molecular analysis markets.
The fully assembled and wire-bonded laser module in a 14-pin butterfly package. Courtesy of LioniX.
The fully assembled and wire-bonded laser module in a 14-pin butterfly package. Courtesy of LioniX.
Per the partnership, Sivers will supply a customized optical amplifier developed on its InP100 product platform to power the laser. Chilas, as the end user, will provide product testing services for the assembled PIC, and it will offer the product as part of its laser portfolio.

According to LioniX, the laser showed a tuning range of 25 nm during testing, spanning 1298 to 1325 nm, and achieving a maximum power output of 2.5 dBm at 240 mA. The semiconductor amplifier from Sivers Photonics provides electrical pumping in an 800-μm long chip, LioniX said. 

Published: December 2023
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