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Bruker Nano Surfaces
Bruker Nano Surfaces - Tucson, AZ
Extensive suite of application-focused instrumentation for life sciences and materials research and production covers the full range of metrology techniques, sample sizes, and imaging resolutions. Technologies include AFMs, NanoIR spectrometers, fluorescence microscopes, stylus and optical profilers, mechanical testers, and nano-indenters.
LightMachinery Inc.
LightMachinery Inc. - Ottawa, Canada
Manufacturer of custom precision optical components, spectrometers, TEA CO2 lasers, and excimer lasers. Specializes in fluid jet polishing equipment, and laser systems. Specializes in the production of difficult, tight tolerance optical components, laser components and systems.
Custom Manufacturer
ABB inc., Measurement & Analytics - Quebec, Canada
Arden Photonics Ltd. - Solihull, United Kingdom
Direct Optical Research Co. - Largo, FL
MOORI Technologies Co. - Seongnam, South Korea
Polytec Ltd. - Coventry, United Kingdom
Sensofar Metrology - Terrassa, Spain
SIOS Messtechnik GmbH - Ilmenau, Germany
SmarAct GmbH - Oldenburg, Germany
  • Michelson stellar interferometer An interferometer constructed to be positioned on a telescope to measure the angular separation of the components of double stars.
  • interferometer An instrument that employs the interference of lightwaves to measure the accuracy of optical surfaces; it can measure a length in terms of the length of a wave of light by using interference phenomena based on the wave characteristics of light....
  • surface profile A representation of the shape of a surface, including any roughness or other irregularities. The profile can be generated by direct measurements, as by a stylus, or by remote measurement, as by an interferometer.
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