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visual field
The angular field of view that is seen by the eyes when fixed on a point straight ahead. The normal binocular visual field is approximately 130° in diameter.
visual photometer
A photometer that permits visual comparison of the luminance of two surfaces.
visual range
The value of the expanse of b-particles in an absorber, evaluated by visual examination of breaks in the absorption curve.
visual storage tube
An electron tube that stores and visually displays information by means of a cathode-ray-beam-scanning and charge-storage mechanism.
visual test chart
A series of high contrast block letters or similar objects arranged to permit the evaluation of eyesight in humans.
visually coupled airborne systems simulator
A visual system including a tiny television tube and imaging optics, all contained in a helmet to be worn by pilots in flight simulator training.
visually coupled display -> helmet-mounted display
A compact optical projection system, mounted on or built into a helmet, and used to project data or a scene directly into the eyes of the wearer. Also called visually coupled display.
Having the characteristics of glass.
vitreous humor
The transparent fluid that fills the portion of the eye between the eye lens and the retina (the posterior chamber).
vitreous silica -> fused silica
Glass consisting of almost pure silicon dioxide (SiO2). Also called vitreous silica. Frequently used in optical fibers and windows.
very large array
very long baseline interferometry
visible laser diode
vapor levitation epitaxy
very low frequency
video long play
very large scale integration
velocity modulation
virtual memory extension
vector matrix multiplication
variable optical attenuator
A blank area (caused by insufficient inking of the paper) that falls within the range of an intended character stroke in an optical character-recognition system.
Voigt effect
The induced birefringence in isotropic gases that results when the gases are placed in strong fields.
voltage contrast analysis
A nondestructive testing method for very large scale integration circuits, using a scanning electron microscope to monitor changes in the electronic state of the chip as it is fed test voltages while...
voltage multiplier
A device that converts alternating voltage to direct voltage, while at the same time increasing its amplitude.
voltaic cell
An electric cell having two electrodes of unlike metals immersed in a solution that chemically affects one or both of them, thus producing an electromotive force.
volume Bragg gratings
Volume Bragg gratings (VBGs) are specialized optical elements that consist of periodic variations in refractive index throughout the volume of a transparent material, typically a photosensitive glass...
volume hologram
A three-dimensional hologram.
volumetric imaging
Volumetric imaging refers to the capture, visualization, and analysis of three-dimensional (3D) information from a volume of space. Unlike traditional two-dimensional (2D) imaging, which provides...
vortex phase plate
A vortex phase plate is an optical device designed to impart a phase singularity, commonly referred to as a vortex or phase vortex, onto a light beam. This singularity results in a phase profile...
An element within a three-dimensional data set image.
vapor phase epitaxy
vapor phase regrowth
variable pulse repetition frequency
vector quantization
variable reluctance; virtual reality
virtual retinal display
virtual reality modeling language
visual radio range
vertical to surface transmission electrophotonic device
voltage standing-wave ratio
vertical temperature profile radiometer
videotape recorder
vacuum ultraviolet
w-type fibers -> double-clad fiber
Double-clad fiber (DCF) is a specialized optical fiber that features two concentric cladding layers surrounding a core. The design of double-clad fibers allows them to be used in various...
Wadsworth mounting
A system used for gratings that consists of a concave mirror, a grating and a plate holder mounted normal to the grating to reduce astigmatism and spherical aberration. The mounting yields a...
In the context of electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, a wafer refers to a thin, flat disk or substrate made of a semiconducting material, usually crystalline silicon. Wafers serve as the...
wafer tube
An image intensifier tube in which the photocathode and the output of the microchannel plate are proximity-focused on the microchannel plate input and output phosphor screen, respectively.

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