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average power
In a pulsed laser, the pulse energy in joules times the repetition rate in hertz.
averaged threshold receiver
A receiver for optical communications systems consisting of a symmetric binary, pulse-code-modulated transmitter, a log-normal channel and an array of independent photocounting detectors that yield...
aversion response
Eye blink or head movement in response to bright light. Aversion responses such as blinking are sufficient protection from less hazardous lasers, including Class 2 lasers. An eye blink can occur, at...
averted vision
In astronomy, the method of deliberately viewing objects with peripheral vision to take advantage of the eye's greater sensitivity to faint light a few degrees from the optical center.
atomic vapor laser isotope separation
Avogadro's constant
The number of molecules in one gram mole of a substance, numerically approximated by 6.02 x 1023.
acoustic video processor integrated display station
American Vacuum Society
automatic white balance
American wire gauge;arrayed waveguide grating
additive white Gaussian noise
advanced x-ray astrophysics facility
axial bundle
A bundle of rays that originates from an object point on the optical axis of a lens system.
axial color
A lens aberration that causes axial light rays having different wavelengths to focus at various points along the axis.
axial gradient
In gradient index optics, a gradient profile in which the refractive index varies along the direction of light propagation, or optical axis. Axial gradient lenses can be used to correct spherical...
axial gradient technology
A method of designing lasers whereby the laser rod is cut into elliptical discs and cooled by running water over the disc surfaces. The cooling circuit decreases the radial temperature gradients in...
axial paraxial ray
A paraxial light ray that extends from an object point on the optical axis.
axial propagation constant
The propagation constant evaluated along the axis of a waveguide, that is, in the direction of transmission. Also called axial propagation wave number.
axial slab interferometry -> slab interferometry
The method for measuring the index profile of an optical fiber by preparing a thin sample that has its faces perpendicular to the axis of the fiber, and measuring its index profile by interferometry.
axial vapor-phase deposition
A vapor-phase oxidation process for fabricating graded-index optical fibers. It differs from outside vapor phase deposition in that the preform is developed radially rather than longitudinally. An...
An axicon is a type of optical component characterized by its conical shape and its ability to transform a collimated Gaussian beam of light into a ring-shaped beam with a gradually increasing...
A straight line, real or imaginary, passing through a body and indicating its center; a line so positioned that various portions of an object are located symmetrically in relation to the line. See...
Azadioxatriangulenium is a type of organic compound with a unique triangular molecular structure. It is often abbreviated as ADOTA. This compound belongs to the class of polycyclic aromatic...
azimuth angle
1. In astronomy, the angle measured clockwise (eastward) in a horizontal plane, usually from north (true north, Y-north, grid north or magnetic north). 2. With relation to the plane-polarized light...
azimuth -> yaw
In positioning, in-plane rotation about the vertical axis. Also known as azimuth.
azimuthal polarization
Azimuthal polarization refers to a specific polarization state of light where the electric field vector of the electromagnetic wave points along the azimuthal direction (around the propagation axis)....

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