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Designed to observe objects below the surface of water. Not to be confused with hygroscopic.
hydroxyl ion absorption
An optical fiber's absorption of electromagnetic waves due to hydroxyl ions remaining after contact with water.
In fiber optics, a material whose properties, usually of transmission, are distinctly affected by the absorption of water vapor.
hybrid mosaic on stacked silicon
E.I. duPont's trade name for a material used in the jacket of fiber optic cables. It is flame-retardant, thermally stable and resistant to oxidation, ozone and radiation.
hyperchromic shift
Hyperchromic shift refers to an increase in the absorption of light, leading to a higher absorbance, often observed in certain chemical or biological substances upon undergoing a structural change....
hyperfine splitting
The splitting of an element's spectral line as the result of the interactions between the electron spin and the spins of adjacent magnetic nuclei, or the presence of several isotopes in the sample...
hyperfocal distance
That object distance at which a camera must be focused so that the far depth of field just extends to infinity. The near limit of the depth of field is then half the hyperfocal distance. For normal...
A vision defect commonly referred to as farsightedness. Results when the image of a distant object is focused beyond the retina by the relaxed eye. The condition can be corrected by introducing a...
hyperplane eyepiece
An eyepiece similar to the Huygenian eyepiece, but having an eye lens that is a cemented doublet and that provides more lateral color correction.
With respect to photography, the process used to increase the effective speed of an emulsion between manufacture and exposure.
hyperspectral imaging
Hyperspectral imaging is an advanced imaging technique that captures and processes information from across the electromagnetic spectrum. Unlike traditional imaging systems that record only a few...
hyperspectral imaging camera
A hyperspectral imaging camera is a sophisticated imaging device capable of capturing and processing data across a wide range of wavelengths within the electromagnetic spectrum, typically from...
hyperspectral resolution
Hyperspectral resolution refers to the level of detail or granularity in the spectral information captured by a hyperspectral imaging system. In hyperspectral imaging, the electromagnetic spectrum is...
A type of stereoscopic photography in which the distance between the two view points is greater than the average interpupillary distance. Therefore, the viewed image will appear to be half its size...
This term literally means "to lag behind.'' It is quite often used to describe the residual effect that remains after the primary effect has been removed, or the lag that exists between the...

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