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Having a longer axis that is relatively vertical.
The Optical Society, formerly called Optical Society of America; optical spectrum analyzer
Office of Standards Code and Information
oscillation threshold
Point at which a laser's material gain is equal to, or greater than, the circuit losses.
oscillator -> laser cavity
A laser cavity, also known as an optical cavity or resonator, is a fundamental component of a laser system. It is a confined region or space where light undergoes multiple reflections, leading to the...
A record formed when the luminous trace or image produced by an oscilloscope is photographed.
An instrument used to record rapidly varying currents or voltages. An oscillograph may consist of a cathode-ray tube oscilloscope with a camera attachment, or a mirror galvanometer with a lamp and...
The graphic recording of physical changes vs. time, in electrical quantities, using an oscilloscope.
A system in which a supplied signal causes the deflection of the electron beam in a cathode-ray tube, thus forming a visible trace on the phosphor screen of the tube and providing for examination of...
optically shaped film
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
optical spectrometric multichannel analyzer
Opsins are a group of light-sensitive proteins found primarily in the retinas of vertebrate and invertebrate eyes, as well as in other light-sensitive tissues. These proteins play a crucial role in...
optical solar reflector
optical sensor system
Ostwald system
The system of color classification and description produced by Wilhelm Ostwald.
optical thickness
Office of Technology Assessment
optical time-domain reflectometer
optical transfer function
optical transform image modulation
An otoscope is a medical device used by healthcare professionals, particularly ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists, primary care physicians, and pediatricians, to examine the ear canal and...
optical tracking
one-at-a-time search; optical transport system
outer beam scale
The approximate dimension of the refractive-index correlation length in a given medium.
The emission of gas or de-aeration due to thermal variations and often occurring in a vacuum. In a cleanroom, contamination from the spontaneous emission of absorbed particles.
output angle -> radiation angle
Half the vertex angle of the cone of light emitted by a fiber.
output coupler
The partially reflective mirror at the end of the laser cavity that is the source of the beam. It controls the coupling percentage for high output power and maintains correct mode structure in the...
output spectrum display
The direct computation of the Fourier transform of the space variant system output of an optical processor with a single spherical lens. The one-dimensional output spectrum appears along a 45°...
outside vapor deposition -> outside vapor-phase oxidation
A process for the production of optical fibers. A glass bait is rotated in a traversing flame of a reaction burner. Reactants passed through the flame react with oxygen at the high temperatures to...
outside vapor-phase oxidation
A process for the production of optical fibers. A glass bait is rotated in a traversing flame of a reaction burner. Reactants passed through the flame react with oxygen at the high temperatures to...
outside vapor deposition
overall distance
The physical distance, measured along the optical axis, from the object to the image. Also called overall length.
A layer of material applied to a coated surface to protect it from physical or chemical action.
The improper exposure of a radiation-sensitive medium that results when there is too much radiation exposing the medium, or when the exposure time is too long. The resulting image, in negative form,...
The condition of the numerical aperture or beam diameter of the laser, LED, or other optical source being larger than the optical fiber core or other driven source. Also called overfilled launch...
overhead projector
A projector used to project transparencies. A horizontal 8 x 10-in. stage for writing or laying down preformed transparencies is provided with either an elliptical mirror or a plastic Fresnel lens...
A hologram facet illumination technique in which the illuminating beam is twice the size of the hologram facet so that full hologram resolution capability can be realized and scanning dead time is...
In a cathode-ray tube, the deflection of the beam of the tube over an angle that surpasses the angle that subtends the suitable area of the screen.
outside vapor phase oxidation
optical cross connect
A device that uses a photoelectric cell to determine the level of oxygenation in the blood.

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