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rangefinder; radio frequency; representative fraction
radio frequency excitation
radio frequency interference
radio frequency identification
resonant fiber optic gyroscope
rich field telescope
red, green, blue
Raman gain module
right-hand circular polarization
reflection high-energy electron diffraction
Raman holographic edge filter
rheinberg illumination -> optical staining
With respect to microscopy, also called dispersive staining, optical staining the projection of colors through areas of a colorless specimen by color filters that are constructed to fit over the...
The characteristics of a material that determine its tendency to flow.
Rhodamine refers to a family of fluorescent organic dyes that are widely used in various fields, including biology, chemistry, medicine, and materials science. These dyes are known for their bright...
rhomboid prism
A reflecting prism that is rhomboidal in shape. It has two parallel transmitting faces, and two parallel reflecting faces; the latter are oblique to the former (usually but not necessarily at...
Robotic Industries Association
ribbon cable
A cable that incorporates multiple fibers, jacketed side by side in a ribbonlike form.
reactive ion-beam etching
riez photodiode
A photodiode having a conducting grid that covers the surface of the photodiode junction and intercepts and wastes some of the light. In this way, efficient optical- and microwave-frequency design...
A small erect-image telescope for use as a sighting device on a rifle. The chief requirement is a long eye relief to avoid damage to the eye due to recoil. The power may lie anywhere between 1 and...
right-angle prism
A type of 45-90-45° prism used to bend a beam of light through a right angle with the surfaces forming the 90° angle acting as transmitting faces.
right-hand polarized wave
A wave that is polarized elliptically or circularly polarized and in which the electric field vector — observed while looking in the direction of propagation — rotates in a right-hand or...
rim ray
A ray of an image-forming bundle that passes through the edge of the entrance pupil or aperture stop. Usually used in connection with meridian rays, an upper rim ray is one that passes through the...
resonance ionization mass spectrometry
relative intensity noise
ring blocking
The formation of a block by attaching optical elements to a plate with a ring of pitch or other thermoplastic material.
ring dye laser
A laser using a dye solution as the active medium whose resonator is formed into a ring (or a triangle or another shape) by means of multiple mirrors.
ring lens
A toric lens generated by rotating a specific cross section about an axis beyond its area and used in the formation of annular images.
ring micrometer
A flat, round micrometer that is placed in the focal plane of a telescope to measure difference in right ascension and declination.
ring topology
A system of local area networking in which each node or station is connected to two others, ultimately forming a loop. Data are passed in one direction only, being received by each node and then...
ring-laser gyroscope
A ring laser gyroscope (RLG) is a type of gyroscope that uses laser light to detect and measure changes in orientation. It operates based on the Sagnac effect, which is a fundamental principle of...
ringdown testing
A test method for determining high-reflectivity levels by monitoring cavity decay within a resonant cavity formed by two mirrors under test.
A circular lamp or bundles of optical fibers placed around the perimeter of an objective lens to illuminate the object field below it.
refractive index profile
The approximately concentric waves that form on a surface that has been polished without an oscillation of the polishing lap.
resonant internal reflection
reduced instruction set computing
rise time
Measurement of the time elapsed during the current output change from 10 to 90 percent in a photoconductor.
Risley prism
A Risley prism, also known as a Risley prism pair or Risley rotating prism, is an optical device used for controlling the direction of a laser beam or other optical beam by independently rotating two...
rod in tube
Ritchey-Chretien telescope
A form of Cassegrain telescope having a concave hyperbolic primary and a convex hyperbolic secondary. This form permits the simultaneous correction of spherical aberration and coma.
Ritchey-Common test
An interferometric method for describing the surface shape of large coated or uncoated optical flats. The procedure uses a commercially available small-aperture phase-shifting interferometer for...
return loss
ring-laser gyroscope
Royal Microscopical Society
root mean square
refracted near field
reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer
robotic arms
Robotic arms, also known as robot arms or manipulator arms, are mechanical devices designed to mimic and perform the functions of human arms. They consist of multiple articulated segments, joints,...
receiver operating curve

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