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Photonics Media CPM Calculator

The return on your marketing investment should play the key role in the advertising choices your company makes. Finding the CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) and CPL (cost per lead) of the marketing tools you use can help you measure this ROI so that your company can make the correct decisions when investing in advertising. The tools below will help you determine the CPM and CPL of Photonics Media’s advertising options and allow you to find the marketing mix that maximizes your marketing budget.



Photonics Media Publications
Calculate the cost to display an ad of your size preference per 1000 readers (CPM). For our larger, BPA-audited publications - take the analysis further and find the CPM for readers that buy, use, or specify a particular product or for a specific region.
Photonics Media Newsletters
Calculate the cost to promote a product and/or service through a targeted Photonics Media Newsletter per 1000 readers (CPM).
Photonics Media Lead Generation
Calculate the average cost per lead (CPL) with a Photonics Media Lead generation program. Photonics Media leads come from the qualified readership of the Photonics Media product family.
Competitive Publication
Calculate the cost to display an ad in a competitive publication, per 1000 readers (CPM).
Cost of Ad
Calculate the average cost per lead (CPL) for a tradeshow. Input the total attendance, the expected percentage that will stop by your booth and talk, and the total cost of your exhibit.
Attendance of Show
Visit Booth Ratio
Cost of Booth