Photonics Media has been partnering with companies in the Photonics industry for over 60 years. This relationship has driven their sales revenue by bringing their products and services closer to the community purchasing them. Here is what they are saying about our partnership:

Our advertising efforts in the Photonics Marketplace have substantially amplified our presence among crucial industry stakeholders, resulting in improved brand recognition and a noteworthy surge in high-quality leads.
- PhotonTec Berlin GmbH

Advertising in the Photonics Marketplace has significantly increased our visibility among key industry players, giving us the chance to meet engineers and buyers from all the optical industry and leading to enhanced brand recognition and a notable uptick in high-quality leads. Our presence in the Photonics Marketplace is surely going to last in the next years to come.
- Tecnottica Consonni srl

Photonics Media has been and is the leading voice in our Industry. Videology made a smart investment in a yearly Photonics Marketplace listing combined with a full spectrum ad campaign, significantly increasing our visibility among key industry players, leading to enhanced brand recognition, especially as we rebranded under new ownership. The next venture for Videology will be webinar and newsletter campaigns with Photonics Media. These will drive in high-quality leads contributing a noticeable uptick to our sales bottom line. We always appreciate the deep industry knowledge, professionalism, and connections that the team at Photonics Media offers to Videology, and we look forward to a continued partnership.
- Videology Industrial-Grade Cameras

We recently presented a custom webinar with Photonics Spectra, and the experience exceeded our expectations. We saw a significant increase in engagement and generated valuable leads. Their professional handling of the technical aspects made the process seamless.
- MKS Newport

Participating in the Vision Spectra Conference was a successful first-time experience for Chromasens. We’re thrilled with the impact that our presentation about a unique solution approach has created. We eagerly look forward to next year's conference as a part of our worldwide media campaign.
- Chromasens

Collaborating with Photonics Media for my 20+ years in the industry has been exceptional. They are a go-to vendor when it comes to reaching our target audience.
- Hamamatsu Corporation

Working with Photonics Media has helped us promote our brand in the market. They are flexible and offer suggestions that work for what we are trying to achieve.
- Materion Balzers Optics

Thanks to its insightful content and highly-qualified audience, we are seeing great value from advertising with Photonics Spectra. Both print and online programs are performing very well. Their knowledgeable and helpful sales team make it easy for us to run big projects together.

As a leader in photonics alignment systems and nanopositioning solutions for microscopy and life sciences, PI uses Photonics Spectra and BioPhotonics to stay up to date with the latest developments in the market.
- PI (Physik Instrumente) LP

We have worked with Photonics Media for quite a while now and appreciate the quality of content and how easy they are to work with. You can tell they care about their customers and their craft!
- IDS Imaging Development Systems Inc.

Working with Photonics Media has allowed Alpes Lasers to disseminate our branding and offerings to a wide community. Interest in our products has increased markedly since we started publishing ads.
- Alpes Lasers

White paper submission via the photonics.com on-line portal has been a great boost for spreading awareness of our brand, services and research in addition to lead generation. We'll definitely be continuing with this.
- Edinburgh Instruments

Investing in Photonics Spectra and BioPhotonics has allowed us to reach out to new target groups and spread awareness about our lasers further than otherwise possible.
- NKT Photonics

We found that clients coming to our website from the Photonics Buyers' Guide stayed 3x longer than a regular click from Google AdWords. Our campaign has lead to more page views, more click throughs, and ultimately more RFQs.
- Alkor Technologies

For years now, Photonics Spectra magazine has been a major important pillar in our company's marketing strategy. There are very few industry magazines which are so comprehensive and yet so focused on every aspect of the photonics industry. Photonics Spectra is a truly unique magazine that provides an in-depth comprehensive review of the entire photonics market. It provides a rare opportunity for the industry's major players and foreigners alike to get a birds eye view of the photonics market latest innovations, trends and future direction.

The magazine is an essential part of our company's marketing research and strategy.

If you are part of the photonics community and want to learn where the market is now and where it is heading in the near and far future, or if you are interested in getting a direct marketing platform to all the major customers and suppliers in the photonics field, Photonics Spectra is the place to be and be heard.
- Meopta - optika, s.r.o.

Edmund Optics has been working with Photonics Media for many years. Our relationship with them has helped us get great exposure and to strengthen EO's global recognition across both their print and digital channels with publications like Photonics Spectra or Europhotonics. The Photonics Media team is very creative and consultative, providing solutions beyond just traditional print advertising. They have been a beneficial partner for many years, accompanying the growth of our company.
- Edmund Optics

For us Photonics Spectra is a credible platform for branding activities because of its focused content addressing photonics researchers.
- Scanlab AG

Promoting white papers on photonics.com was a great way to generate leads and bring awareness to AFL's innovative splicers, cable, connectors and test equipment.

By securing our presence in BioPhotonics in print and online, we know we will reach the right target audience and increase our exposure in the biophotonics market. BioPhotonics has been a key partner for Cobolt since the company was founded in 2000.
- Cobolt AB

LaCroix Precision Optics has advertised in Photonics Spectra since its very first year in existence. I believe it is the "go to" trade publication for the photonics industry.
- LaCroix Precision Optics

Strong personal relationships and flexibility are what make working with Photonics Media enjoyable. Increased global visibility through various marketing strategies has increased the number of leads generated by capturing more online traffic, and as a result, engaging the consumers more effectively.
- Photodigm Inc.

Working with Photonics Media is extremely intuitive – our representatives understand our company and often suggest programs that help us meet our goals for brand awareness and lead generation. The white paper promotions have been particularly helpful in generating interest and new names for our sales team, and it's easy to keep track of the inquiries we receive using our AdStats Dashboard.
- Radiant Vision Systems

Photonics Spectra is a key resource in getting the Siskiyou message out to the customer base and consistently provides an excellent ROI for our marcom dollars. Our precision optomechanical components are used by both OEMs and researchers, and Photonics Spectra does a great job of reaching both groups.
- Siskiyou Corporation

Advertising on photonics.com provided us with the marketing exposure we desired and gave us the ability to create customized marketing campaigns. Being able to measure our progress was truly beneficial!
- Allied Vision Technologies

Advertising in EuroPhotonics has been very beneficial in helping us find new European customers and grow international sales.
- Accumold

Outside of an internet search, The Photonics Buyers’ Guide is the first place we budget marketing dollars. It continues to be the best choice for North American Coating Laboratories to invest in our advertising.
- North American Coating Laboratories

BioPhotonics is our customer base, and with BioPhotonics Magazine we have the bonding and connection that we need.
- PicoQuant GmbH

BioPhotonics provides an effective platform to build brand presence and has generated positive results for many of our projects over the past few years.
- Andor Technology Ltd.

The online edition of The Photonics Buyers Guide provides us with a good referral rate. Together with the printed Buyers' Guide, we get positive brand exposure over a 12 month period.
- Gooch & Housego PLC

Presenting a webinar on photonics.com was an excellent experience. The webinar provided Heraeus with the opportunity to simultaneously interact with a large target audience and generate numerous connections within the Photonics Industry. Photonics Media’s professionalism and organization made the process simple and straightforward.
- Heraeus Quartz North America LLC

It is great to advertise at photonics.com: We appreciate that it is possible to update our material any time. I am a big fan of this flexibility. It allows us to try more different campaigns. The clicks we receive from photonics.com show us that we reach specific key target groups – the visitors stay not just for 10 seconds but much longer on our website to scan the content we provide. To choose the core and the focus for each campaign at photonics.com certainly helps to be as specific as possible.
- Berliner Glas Group

Photonics Media plays a significant role in our marketing plan, providing us with a well-rounded medium to push out our products and services. From brand recognition, to new product promotion, press release and whitepaper distribution and more, Photonics Media has been a great partner in our marketing efforts.
- Alluxa

Photonics Media advertising is a critical element in Lumencor’s annual marketing plan. We count on both their web-based and traditional hard copy to reach our audience. People know to look for us in Biophotonics International and we feel well-supported by their talented staff and high quality publications. We are pleased to partner with Photonics Media.
- Lumencor, Inc.

We have been very pleased with the service provided by Photonics Media. They help us identify effective ways to advertise and to improve branding of our (optoelectronic component) products. We believe we made a wise investment choice.
- Optoelectronic Products, Industrial Products Division, Canon U.S.A., Inc.

The Photonics Media team has been our go-to partner for print and electronic advertising since our founding. Being a new player in the rapidly growing photonics industry, it was very important for us to to identify a trusted and high-profile outlet to build brand recognition in such a competitive field. With their feedback and guidance, we have published an effective set of professional advertisements enabling us to efficiently convey our technical capabilities and outline our products. This partnership has been invaluable in the expansion of our business, and we look forward to many years of shared success!
- Crystalline Mirror Solutions, LLC

I am very satisfied with the value that I receive from my investment in the Photonics Media Products. The reach of the platforms is excellent and I really appreciate the user friendly on-line advertising tools and the personal service when it comes to print advertisements.
- GT Advanced Technologies

Photonics Media always provides comprehensive and professional support. Targeted to our needs, we receive suggestions for media placements which increase the worldwide reach of our brand.
- Basler AG

Photonics Media has been an invaluable resource in helping us reach our marketing objectives. Their wide range of publications and web/email options allow us to reach our wide variety of customers and get the most coverage for our advertising dollar.
- Prior Scientific, Inc.

The great thing about working with Photonics Media is that they have insight in the market, so [they] are able to truly work with us not merely sell to us. Via regular proactive updates we continuously adapt and try and improve our strategy and approach.
- Admesy BV

The promotion in Photonics Spectra helped us a great deal to increase brand awareness with international customers in the photonics field. On top of good advertisement return, we enjoyed the positive spirit and solution-oriented flexibility of all people involved.
- Zurich Instruments

Creating conversations — that's what it's all about isn't it? Photonics Media truly connects the industry through relevant content across all platforms.